Brighton is a lively seaside resort and a fabulous tourist destination in the UK. As the recent figures and studies show, That around 400,000 overseas tourists resided for one night in East Sussex in 2013. This clearly indicates the flow of tourists in the happening city. Brighton is the only seaside resort to make the stand in the Top 20 List in the UK. The attractions in the city to strive for consist of the Black Country Living Museum and the new Library of Birmingham. Overseas tourist can enjoy the most famous Pebble beach.


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The largest and one of the most luxurious cities in the UK, from Buckingham Palace to the London Underground, the city is an escape from the Mundane to meet every traveler’s choice. London thrives to be one of the best cosmopolitan cities on earth. Tourists across the world love the royalty and the architecture which tempts them to visit London. A few examples on places to visit: The Embassy Quarter and Battersea Power Station south of the river, are not to be missed out. The vibrant city is world famous for it’s great nightlife. The city is brimming with fantastic Restaurants, trendy bars and theatres, They are normally open 7 days a week, there are plenty of attractions and events for tourists.


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Scilly Isles

The Exceptionally striking Isles of Scilly reside just off the coast of Cornwall, the location seems like it’s a long way away from Cornwall. Indubitably its the islands you will fall in love with. The Isles of Scilly has been nominated as one of the UK’s five top “Holiday Destinations of the Year” in the BBC Country file Magazine


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Norfolk has beautiful scenery and  little villages which are all part of East Anglia. Norfolk is considered to be a rural city in the UK. When we check online, there are at least 500 beautiful cottage properties for sale in the Norfolk area. Norfolk is heaven for people who love cycling, walking or just driving around in the car taking in the beautiful scenery. The sightseeing attractions are the beautiful homes, medieval churches, castles, and half-timbered wool-towns. Travellers can enjoy days out with breathtaking landscapes and museums. On cold days in winter the beaches and parks are mainly used for dog-walkers and hikers.

Norfolk is very good for shopping, Georgian towns such as Burnham Market and Holt in North Norfolk.


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Newcastle is the most famous city in the North East region of the UK and lies at the urban core of Tyneside. It has its own prominence and gives extraordinary experiences to the visitors.  Known for dramatic bridges, historic theatres, ancient castles, ultra old sculptures, extensive bars, restaurants and public spaces, travellers like to roam aimlessly here. The Live Theatre, the People’s Theatre, and the Jubilee Theatre are some of most famous theatres here in Newcastle. The roads are good for walking, and cycling. If you stroll around you can find beautiful places to eat which offer delicious food for very low prices. Newcastle is well connected by all modes of transportation. It is very easy to reach in any season.

New Castle

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If you love the coastline and ocean, then Cornwall is the place for you. Located in the far west of Great Britain on a peninsula dipping into the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by English channel, the lengthy coastline wraps around Cornwall for around 300 miles. It is also great for the fishing lovers and water sports enthusiasts. It’s also the ideal place for nature lovers, as they can feel the fresh air and soak themselves in the water sports events here in Cornwall.

Famous for its Celtic Cornish culture, visitors can enjoy the rich historical monuments distributed across the region. Needless to say, sunbathing, beaches, harbours and beautiful gardens will pamper your soul and leave you mesmerised.


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Channel Islands   – Located at around 10 to 30 miles off the north-west coast of France, the Channel Islands are not exactly the part of the United Kingdom but they are the dependent territories in the English Crown. With there serene and aloof landscapes the Channel Islands are exciting and have lots to offer to the travellers coming from round the globe.


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