Get Inspired with the 8 Must to do things in Gran Canaria

Gran canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, situated in the northeast of the canary island, is one of Spain’s largest cities. It is the second most densely inhabited island of the Canary Islands.

This beautiful and serene island is flooded by luxury tourist resorts that are good sources of revenue for the tourism economy of the island.

Explore the Island with these 8 Must to do list when on vacation.

Treasure Biking – The Island is a home to biking expeditions. You can find widely spread trails of mountain biking. Discover the island with lots of off-road biking and cherish the sight of the mountains surrounded by the ocean.


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Joyful Hiking – For the avid Hikers and travellers, this European island is heaven. One can find vivid variety of hill walking, walk away, inhabited cave villages, magnificent mountain scenery. You will love the outstanding flora and fauna in the spring and could enjoy the climate with amazing hiking actives.


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Tranquility of Beaches – Whoa! That beach is Man Made! So beautiful, great for travellers with family and friends. The curves and fresh sea shells are an amazing experience for any traveler. Towards the south of the canaries one can explore some of the aloof beaches to spend time. The longest beach is Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas, Which is over 4 kms in length. Few other exciting beaches are Amadores, Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico and Playa de Mogán.

full Tranquility of Beaches

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Whale & Dolphin Boat Tour Surfing – Dolphin’s are without a doubt the friendliest amphibian. Watching and finding dolphins in middle of the sea is always fascinating. Hire a boat and surf the lovely waters of northwest Atlantic sailing and enjoy the breeze with the soothing all year around climate.

Pod of striped dolphins

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Canary Scuba Diving – The passion for sea shells, corals, green meadows and the aquatic marine life is never ending for travellers and marine explorers. Gran Canaria is blessed to be one of the top enthralling places in Europe for Scuba Diving. It has warm waters all year round which is considered ideal for the scuba divers. Despite the non tropical climate the waters are full of vibrantly coloured species such as Parrotfish, Wrasse and Damselfish. The sharks – of course, the divers can find few huge species – The angel sharks (an endangered species), you can even see butterfly rays and mobula rays. If the diver is very lucky, then they might find an odd turtle swimming around.

Canary Scuba Diving

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Golf – Sports are always fun and normally associated with lots of money and luxury. This premium sport is loved by the people across the globe. One can have a full fledged vacation here in the island with lavish golf courses towards the south of the island.


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Water Sports – Extreme Canaries – Get your adrenalin started with the thrilling water sports activities here at the canaries. If you are ready for a hot pursuit on the waters, then gear up and enjoy the double-kayak tours all around the coast.

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Visit to the Volcano – The islands of the canaries were formed by the eruption of several volcanoes millions of years ago. Hence it’s an opportunity for travellers and holiday makers to explore the volcanoes. You can see the lava formation. The Isleta is on the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which is framed around three volcanoes.

Visit to the Volcano

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Eventually when on a holiday, we look out for the best cuisine and cultures to explore. Gran Canaria has an enchanting blend of local appeal and exceptional food. If you go on a long holiday, the island is surely worth a visit.

Plan your holiday this year in this lush and unruffled island of Gran Canaria. For the unforgettable memories to capture.


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