The Magnificent Mauritius


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Known for its turquoise waters and pearl-white sands, Mauritius is a window to heaven which has been associated with luxury from a long time, but there is a lot more which Mauritius offers to all its visitors irrespective of their millionaire status.  Just to remind you that nature is unbiased and the best things come with no price tags, here is the list of 4 jewels of Mauritius’s coastline which do not ask for your bank’s statement to give you access.

lle aux Cerfs


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This pleasant island is overwhelmed with touts and voyagers heating under the tropical sun or lazing in the ideal, crystal-clear waters. The prominent swarms and general summer-camp vibe may be off-putting in the beginning, yet few individuals understand that the island brags more than 4km of sandy euphoria. Trek a kilometre down the shoreline and you’ll reveal a pure sea vista all to yourself.

Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay.

Blue bay from natural park

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It stands out as the most beautiful shoreline on the island, this zone has turned into one of the favoured spots for private estates in enchanting chambres d’hotes. Pointe d’Esny is the hopping off point for those keen on going to the nature reserve in lle aux Aigrette

Le Morne Peninsula


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The famous Le Morne Brabant is a dazzling rock ridge from which this wonderful peninsula takes its name. Formed like a hammerhead shark, the peninsula itself has a portion of the island’s best shorelines, now home to various upmarket hotels.

Flic en Flac


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The shoreline is one of the best in Mauritius and in the event that you stay at any of the top of the line resorts in the Wolmar region outside the town, you’ll reveal some stellar extends of sand, extreme diving and a great bunch of tasty satisfying restaurants. Flic en Flac has around twelve clubs and restaurants which draws in party lovers.

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