There is Nothing Interesting about Bulgaria

There is Nothing Interesting about Bulgaria

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With only several hundred beautiful 18th century houses and grandeur Churches from the Imperial age and its sea front settings, Nessebar has gained the reputation of “Pearl of the Black Sea”. Huh! Don’t you think this is the height of exaggeration?

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Pearl of the Black SeaPicture Courtesy :-

Just because Nessebar has relics and sculptures which are three millennia old, not necessarily means that it should have been included n the UNESCO’s World Heritage site.


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I really can’t believe, having pleasure by having a drink at Mitko Manolev Winery which actually is a basement carved out of the rocks. Who will tell these enthusiasts that there are easier ways to enjoy a nice glass of wine?

Lol! For a refreshing experience they have made manicured lawns and flower beds as long as the coastline itself. How on earth will they understand that commercialisation of the area would have been a far better choice instead of Bourgas’s Sea Garden Park.

Bourgas’s Sea Garden Park1

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OMG! Have they totally lost it? Why is the market in Kableshkovo brimmed with shopaholics all year round?

Youngsters come in droves to the Cacao beach to dance under the stars on the tracks of World’s famous DJ’s. The party in a conventional Discotheque is far more exciting, also dancing amid the breeze doesn’t make much sense.

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Cacao beach 2

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They have their own definition of wild parties. There is no denying that bathing in the mud of Lake Pomorie is weird even though Dermatologists argue that it can cure many skin diseases.

What should I do If Sozopol is fast becoming the favourite holiday spot from the Hollywood stars?. I don’t give a damn if Brangelina often meanders around its beaches. For your information I hate Hollywood!.

The Aqua parasite waterpark boasts about its slides which are as long as a mile. No normal man will get inspired by it.

Aqua parasite waterpark1

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Aqua parasite waterpark2

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Come on! Why do people travel through deep forests, steep limestone cliffs and winding rivers of the Standja Mountains just to see wildcats. Haven’t they heard about Discovery Channel?

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