6 Must Do Things in Cape Verde

6 Must do things in Cape Verde

Go Fishing

Cape Verde1Picture Courtesy : – Atlanticfishingcharter.com

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPicture Courtesy : – Bojenyns.files.wordpress.com

Cape Verde3Picture Courtesy : – Bojenyns.files.wordpress.com

On the Big Game fishing tour, you will cruise from the Santa Marina to the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. As soon as your Captain finds the ideal spot, you will get to cast your fishing line and wait for a catch. You will probably catch Yellow Fin Tuna or Dolphin. If you are having one of those days that whatever you touch turns into gold then you will spot the glittering shine of Blue marlin and Sailfish.

Get Lonely

On this deserted and isolated island of Illheu de Sal Rei, you will feel like that you are the lone survivor in this world after a devastating alien attack. The only thing with which you can share your loneliness is Duque de branganca fort. Best way to rise up from the hush and rush of this modern world.

Go Racing

Cape Verde4Picture Courtesy : – Goexplo.com

This desert comprises about one third of the area of Boa Vista. It is carved out of sand dunes and red rocks. The unpopulated desert is a paradise for quad biking and 4×4 safaris.

Get Red Hot

Cape Verde5

Fogo Island; Picture courtesy – Bestphotosite.net

Cape Verde6Sao Filipe; Picture courtesy – Weltrekordreise.ch

Cape Verde8Fort Real de São Filipe; Picture courtesy – Notesfromcamelidcountry.files.wordpress.com

Fogo means ‘fire’ in Portuguese, which is a good reflector of its volcanic history. This island wears a crown of 160-metre height, which is referred to as Pico de Fogo by the locals. For a panoramic view, head to the coast. Don’t forget to enjoy a Fogo wine in the picturesque town of Sao Filipe on the island.

Go Beneath Waters

Cape Verde9Picture courtesy – Ih4.googleusercontent.com

 You can explore the life beneath the waters without putting on your diving and snorkeling gears. A Glass-bottomed boat makes this possible. Cape Verde has fertile waters which surrounds it shore. You can see droves of fishes, turtles and shipwrecks as you glide on the waters.

Grab Cape Verdean food

Cape Verde10Picture courtesy – S-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Cape Verde has a grasp of Italian and Portuguese restaurants and hand crafted spots serving local food. You can have a go at the national dish, cachupa rica – a moderate cooked stew with maize, vegetables, beans and fish.

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