Bora Bora Islands – Journeying Beyond the Indeterminate Beaches

Bora Bora11

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Bora-Bora is best known for its gleaming turquoise waters, shiny stretches of white sand and up-town resorts. These heavenly settings make these islands the best choice for holidays. This island has much more to offer besides tranquility. Let us just get acquainted with the adventurous side of it.


Bora Bora1

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Bora Bora2

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For an aerial view of Bora Bora, scramble to the top of the glorious Mt Pahia, from here you can see deep blue waters speckled with sapphire and turquoise, small islands encircled with tiny curves of white glowing sand and lagoons blotched with corals. It will require a bit more effort for your liking to reach the top, but the alluring view will be imprinted in your mind forever. If you are not interested in going to the top, you can go on shorter walks where you will get to know about the flora and fauna of the island.


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Bora Bora4

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The lagoon has all the characteristics of tropical marine life. Moreover it’s warm which makes it ideal for snorkelling. Beneath the waters you will find droves of parrot fish and butterfly fish, plenty of manta rays and the vibrant banks of coral. The coral gardens near the barrier reef are considered the best spots for snorkelling.

Scuba diving

Bora Bora5

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Bora Bora6

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If your thirst has not quenched with snorkelling, you always have a chance to go deeper with scuba diving. Bora Bora’s warm waters and shallow reefs are perfect for the amateurs or beginners. There’s a lot more in stock for skilled divers. There is a wide pool of diving sites outside the lagoon where lemon sharks and grey reef sharks are a guaranteed sight.


Bora Bora7

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Bora Bora8

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The strong flow of breeze throughout the year and generally calm waters has gained Bora Bora the reputation of Kitesurfing heaven. The Matira peninsula is the favourite point for kitesurfing. Even if you are not a water sport enthusiast, you will be thrilled by the performances of the professionals. You ought to visit this place for sure.


Bora Bora9

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Bora Bora10

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Imagine! You are drifting comfortably over the splendid greenish-blue lagoons while capturing the whole expanse of the island, isn`t it amazing? The Parasailing here, is sure to give you memories of a lifetime and the most exciting part is you can share this experience with your loved ones. Just fasten yourself with a harness and wait at the deck of a towboat until it catches enough speed for you to take off.

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