Embrace the charm of the Croatian Islands

The coastal waters of Croatia are blotchy with many wonderful islands dotted around it. These islands vary in their size and characteristics, some are vegetated and others are infertile, some are deserted where others are brimming with people.


Croatia1Picture courtesy: Villa-tamara.com

Croatia5Picture courtesy – Adriaticstay.com

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 You name any luxury and its available here. It is the sunniest island with around 300 hours of sunlight every year. The capital- Hvar town is filled with up-town hotels, classy restaurants, glitzy clubs and rich yachts. The mesmerising town of Dubrovnik stands tall on the edge. For a more cultural flavour visit the town of Stari Grad and Jelsa.


Croatia2Picture courtesy: Wikimedia.org

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 It is the most sensuous of the Adriatic islands. The major part of the island is covered by woods and the rest with fields, vineyards and villages. The scenic beauty of the island is indescribable. Its north-western part is acquired by Mijet national Park which is decorated with several salt water lakes and pine forests.


Croatia3Picture courtesy: Split-excursions.com

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It is a less familiar island, because tourism was banned from 1950 to 19989 as it as serving a base for the Yugoslavian army. This has what has contributed to the underdevelopment of the island which now is a favourite destination among the visitors who are looking for a calm and serene experience.

Croatia14Picture courtesy – Static.panoramio.com


Croatia4Picture courtesy: Visitkorcula.eu

Croatia15Picture courtesy – Atlas-croatia.com

The island of Korcula is overwhelmed with wine yards and olive groves and dense wood. The island is marked by peaceful coves and sandy beaches on the south-western coast. On the other hand, the northern coast is pebbly and flat in nature.

Croatia16Picture courtesy – Croatiayachts.com

Croatia17Picture courtesy – Tours.adriaday.com

Croatia18Picture courtesy – Atasteoftravelblog.com

Cres has a mystic charm which is seductive. Scarcely populated, it boasts about the primeval forests, and a rugged coastline with gigantic cliffs. It also has several ancient hilltop towns. No matter where you are standing at, you are sure to get panoramas.

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