6 Enchanting Beaches of Costa Rica to Engage Your Soul

Costa Rica’s best beaches


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Costa Rica might have the most amazing rain forests and wildlife in the world, but it also possesses magnificent strips of sands along its coasts. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a person looking for a serene experience, Costa Rica is sure to fulfil all your desires.

Playa Tamarindo


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Popularly known as Playa Tamagringo, this beach is setting benchmarks in the nightlife of the Caribbean. I agree that it is not one of the most tranquil beaches, but it can give you immense pleasure with the right mindset.

Playa Negra


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This lovable beach is situated near the reggae-addicted town of Cahuita and has vast stretches of black sand that shines vibrantly in the sun. If the sand gets a bit warm, just jump into to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Mal País & Santa Teresa


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Kissing the edge of the Nicoya peninsula, reaching these two beach towns has never been so easy. Ends justifies means, therefore once you reach the pristine stretch, you will realise it was worth the hard work.



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Few places in the whole of the Caribbean lure the droves of backpackers as Montezuma which is beautifully placed on the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula. Despite the large crowds, you won’t have to make any extra effort to find a vacant corner as spreads of sand are decently long.

Playa Conchal


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Seemingly the loveliest shoreline in Costa Rica, modest yet never downplayed Conchal is secured in a fine sprinkling of pounded seashells. As you meander along the crystalline waters looking for a significant keepsake, stop for a minute to think about how wonderful it is to be in heaven.



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Towards the end of the street on the Caribbean coast, this unspoiled shoreline town fronts a flawless shoreline of powder white sand. Rent a pushbike from close-by Puerto

Viejo de Talamanca and cycle until you hear the birds sing.

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