5 Crested Natural Bounties of Costa Rica


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There are different nations on the planet that boast about incredible natural beauty, yet Costa Rica gloats a richer biodiversity than Europe and the United States together. Here is the list of 5 natural wonders of Costa Rica.


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Hanging bridge in the canopy; Picture courtesy – urbanfragment.wordpress.com


Cloud forest reserve; monteverdehotelcipreses.com

The main lodge at Hotel Belmar Monteverde

Hotel Belmar; Picture courtesy – costa-rica-guide.com

This cloud forest was first inhabited by a group of Quakers who tried to ensure their precious watershed, home to such uncommon fauna as the brilliant quetzal, which is the Maya bied of heaven, Monteverde is mostly in charge of Costa Rica’s global popularity as an ecotourism area where you can be motivated about the potential outcomes of organic farming and various sources of energy.

Manuel Antonio

costaRica7Picture courtesy – palmsintlrealestatecostarica.com


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Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel monkey in National parks;  Picture courtesy -wp.com

One of the nation’s unique ecotourism destinations, Manuel Antonio essentially put Costa Rica on the guide for universal jet-setters. While the mystery has long been unlocked, capuchin monkeys bouncing over a tropical shoreline is a tantalizing sight, as are iguanas, howlers, sloths and squirrel monkeys, which may appear to be the loveliest soft toys you will ever come across.



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Tabacón Hot Springs; Picture courtesy – eternalwandering.com

Arenal produces gigantic ash, huge blasts and streamers of sparkling lava almost every day. Inexplicably, the volcano has held its flawless cone shape in spite of consistent volcanic action, however its inclines are presently covered with ash rather than green. In the shadow of Arenal, there’s something for everyone including rich inns, themed restaurants and Tabacón Hot Springs, man- made version of the Garden of Eden.

Llanos de Cortes 


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Picture courtesy – puravidatraveling.wordpress.com


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On the off chance that you have just enough time to visit only one waterfall in Costa Rica, make it Llanos de Cortes outside of Liberia just off the Pan-American Highway. A standout amongst the most sensational waterfalls in Costa Rica, it falls into a serene lake with a white sandy shoreline. Scramble behind the falls with your partner to achieve serene alcoves hidden by shades of water.


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Picture courtesy – peripateticbone.wordpress.com


Red macaws; Picture courtesy – hdwallpapersnew.net

Marked by National Geographic as ‘the most organically exceptional place on earth,’ Corcovado National Park is the last incredible tract of tropical rainforest in Pacific Central America. The mainstay of bio-diversity is home to Costa Rica’s biggest populace of red macaws and many other imperiled species, including Baird’s tapir, the harpy eagle and the anteater.

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