Dubai a Destination for Sporty People

Dubai a Destination for Sporty People

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You name any adventure sport and you can experience it in Dubai, Sandboarding , Wakeboarding , F1 racing and Skiing. This might sound to you as a joke but amidst the desert you can enjoy snowy mountains. Wan’t to know how? Just scroll it down.


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Past the city’s gigantic buildings are the endless desert hills of different hues and shapes. The UAE’s stuntmen resort to Big Red, a zone brimming with sandy hills, where you can witness genius quadbikers, 4×4 drivers and sandboarders floating through the desert defying the gravity. You don’t have to bear any pain scrambling down the sands, but climbing to the top for a second round, is for sure a herculean task. Stay longer enough to see the nightfall when the dunes are cladded up with the pastel shades.

Skiing and snowboarding

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In the inside of Dubai sits an enormous freezer, containing one of the biggest man-made ski inclines on the planet. Inside Ski Dubai, you will discover 6000 tons of fine snow and a 400-meter slope. With temperatures between -2°C and -9°C, you can imagine you’re in the Swiss Alps as opposed to a prickling desert. Though its not a place to attempt speed skiing (despite the fact that you may discover a couple of young people zooming around), but it’s the perfect environment to sharpen your skills.


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Cruising over the water at 40mph, against the warm Gulf air, wakeboarding gives you the feel of snowboarding however it doesn’t hurt when you tumble off. In Dubai’s Jebel Ali territory, thrill seekers strive for isolated spots, to capitalize on perfect conditions for the sport. Wakeboarding is best done in cool conditions when the water is smooth and still as opposed to surfing and kiteboarding.

F1 driving

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At Dubai Autodrome you will feel as if you are Michael Schumacher. After the classroom session, the instructors will strap you into a lightweight 180bhp car and set them free to cruise along the circuit. Chasing a specially customized Audi TTS, you will accelerate 0-100kph in less than 5 seconds, the sound of the engine and the essence of the burning tyres is nothing short of addictive. You will realize that F1 driving is not a piece of cake and one wrong move can cost a driver his life.

Aquaventure Waterpark

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Rush down 1.6mile-long rapids, launch yourself past a shark tank at 60mph or remain on a 75ft high trapdoor that opens underneath your feet and sends you rushing through a twofold circled flume – it’s nothing but a day at Aquaventure at Atlantis, The Palm. Rides dash out from Medieval Middle Eastern themed structures and the panoramas from the waterpark, over the Palm Jumeirah, smooth turquoise ocean and the city’s high rises in the background, are Indescribably beautiful.

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