5 Reasons to Admire Boston


Picture courtesy – iias-iisa.org

Boston looks ravishing from distance, but it is very sensuous up close.  These boulevards have witnessed a huge renaissance and make over.  Here the Puritans have rebelled at set up their own society, Patriots have strived for independence and the visionaries and artists have tried to change the world for better. Boston’s educational institutions have brought it fame to a greater extent.



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Picture courtesy – bostonharborbeacon.com

Boston Harbor now gives fabulous grand scenery to the city and its 34 islands give an energizing modern-adventure destination for day-trippers. In the event that you are touring on your own boat, your choices are boundless.



Picture courtesy – wikimedia.org


Hatch Memorial Shell; Picture courtesy – massitsallhere.com

We can say thanks to Frederick Law Olmsted for changing the boggy, dirty Charles River Basin into Boston’s most loved and pristine urban landscape. It is a tempting and simple break from the city, a delightful desert spring that is constantly buzzing with climbers and bikers, runners and picnic seekers . Free shows and films at the Hatch Memorial Shell are in the limelight during summer in the city. This is the place where Boston’s Independence Day festival is held.


Trinity Church and Copley Square

Copley Square; Picture courtesy – wikimedia.org


Back Bay square; Picture courtesy – bostonsf.com

Step onto Copley Square which is popularly called as ‘Athens of America’. Boston’s most sublime engineering is bunched around this Back Bay square. This symbolizes tradition.

Sea food


Chowder; Picture courtesy – wikimedia.org


Lobster; Picture courtesy – ytimg.co

It is America’s fish capital, renowned worldwide for mollusk chowder and lobster. What’s more, it is a rich blend of ethnic flavors from all corners of the world. Your mouth must be watering by now.



Harvard square; Picture courtesy – imageshack.us


Book store; picture courtesy – bostonmagazine.com/

Harvard Square is an energetic, sensuous spot to hang out: its recalls revolutionary history. Lined with manors that were once home to royal supporters, it earned the moniker Tory Row. its closeness to the university implies that it is an extraordinary location for the nation’s intellectual cream. There are no official details, however, Harvard Square must have one of the nation’s wealthiest arrays of book shops.

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