Why Not Plan a Trip to La Palma?

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lapalma3Charco Azul; Picture courtesy – damianmartinbrito.es

Do you want to experience the greenest and the prettiest place? Do you wish to feel the fertile land setting near beautiful and super gorgeous volcanoes? If you do, then please join me to a staggering visit to the ever so splendid yet aggressive La Palma, Canary Island.

Also known as a pious paradise on earth, it is a place that can fill your mind and heart with the real experience of volcanic rocks. The greenest and unspoiled nature of La Palma can hypnotize you.

Travellers love the place because it boasts lengthy and riddled green vegetation, eye-pleasing rainforest canopy as well as flourishing landscapes near Charco Azul. Travellers along with their guides go deep inside the National park to see the virgin green lands, rocky outcrops and serene pine forests. The biosphere reserve is second to none and catches easy attention of the travel enthusiasts. This is the only reason La Palma attracts mass tourism.

Heading towards The South of La Palma

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The southern part of La Palma is captivating and full of pine forests, plantations, and volcanic wastelands. The place explains its own history in its own language to its guests. Its diversified locations and especially the southernmost area – Fuencaliente magnetises people because it has volcanic lava under its chest.

Measuring the rim of Volcán San Antonio

lapalma8Picture courtesy – rainbowtravelcenter.com

Der Krater des Volcan San Antonio (632m)Picture courtesy – summitpost.org

Fuencaliente is the centre of attraction for travellers and painters. They find it the most suitable place to generate a spark of creativity. Travellers never miss a short walk along the rim of Volcán San Antonio. The path itself is challenging and the natural chasm is heart-palpitating. Travellers also visit the far fetching places where seismographs are installed to measure the activity. Travellers enjoy the wonderful sites of Fuencaliente and head towards other secluded sites that are engaging and historic. There are many places that feature natural abundance and visual splendour.

Soaking in the super shimmering oceanic views at Puerto Naos

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Travellers also visit Puerto Naos, neighbouring to Fuencaliente in order to rest under the tall palm trees and to soak up the incredible views of its super shimmering ocean and stroll along its frontline promenade.

Travellers from across the world come here in every season to take memories on their gadgets. They find it beautiful and empowering, because of its warmth of hospitality. The restful atmosphere forces travellers to enjoy and stay longer by forging a relation with them.

Travellers, who want to know the unknown, unearth the earth’s chest, handle the pressure of seismographs and challenge the boundaries of immeasurable imagination, visit La Palma.

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