Mesmerizing Mauritius – Beyond the Coastlines

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There is no denying the magnificence of Mauritius’ beaches, with their long stretches of fine sands which gently plunges into turquoise blue waters. There is much more to Mauritius than just beaches which awaits discovery.

Black River Gorges

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If you are craving for an absolute adventure then look no further than Black River Gorges. A strange name for a National Park, isn’t it? It almost covers 2% of the geographical area of Mauritius and is a home numerous waterfalls, rich flora and fauna and some of the endangered species of the island. You will be privileged to the sight of pink pigeons, wild boars and even the macaques. The park’s administration has created a pool of trek offerings which appeal to people of different interests. For spicy tales of the area, try hiring a guide from any of the park’s two tourist centers.  


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Situated at a convenient distance to the northeast of the Port Louis, the Pamplemousses is the richest Botanical Garden, you will ever see. Initiated in 1770, this gigantic 6200 acre garden is home to countless indigenous floras: lilly pads, lotus flowers and frangipani. This is not a stereotype botanical garden, so it should be approached with the right mind set or else it can potentially disappoint the visitors. Don’t anticipate a feast of multicolor flora since the Pamplemousse’s most elegant feature is its pool of endemic palm trees.

Yoga and spa treatments

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When you have had too much of wine and ample of Indian and Chinese, you are likely to get drained out unless you are a superhuman. Your body is badly needing revival after the spree of grabbing buffets and gallons of drink, it’s probably time to get your yoga pants on and wipe out your stress and anxiety. The hatha yoga studios are speckled all over the island, most hotels include yoga classes as a part of the schedule. Besides yoga, you can rejuvenate your body in Seven Colors Spa in which everything is tailored to your choice from fragrances to mood lighting. The best part is that you don’t have to go on a quest of Ideal spa as you can create one which matches your preconception.

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