Where to Spend the Nights in Vivacious Hong Kong

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The vibrant Hong Kong certainly knows how to party and it does so outrageously. Drinking spots ranges from classical British –style pubs to funky bars and hipster hangouts. Recent years have witnessed a surplus growth in the number of bars, live performance centers which have assured a treat for discerning and party enthusiasts’ locals and tourist.


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It offers an amazing array of 150 imported beers among which 13 are tapped. The Globe also serves Hong Kong’s very own T8 which is stored in casks. With decent premise area of about 400 sq meters, the bar has an elegant dining wing marked with oak wood furniture and cozy banquettes.

Executive Bar

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This flamboyant and masculine bar is tantalizing, but you can’t just go and acquire a seat for you. It has a bit more tantrums associated with it for your liking, you will have to do the bookings before head but it’s worth the pain. If you are passionate about whisky and bourbon, then this place is no less than a paradise for you. Immense varieties are served with hand-chipped ice to add to the taste.


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If there is a place destined to grasp the Hong Kong’s Skyline, then surely it is the balcony of the ultra-modern Sevva Skyscraper. The view is captivating at night, to say the least. You will have to savor the extravagant drinks first, to enjoy the views. Try booking in advance and you might be lucky enough to get a table on the balcony.

Club 71

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This casual bar has got a non-conformist vibe, moreover it’s named after the epic protest rally of the year 2003. The socially unconventional artists come here for the beer and music. The garden in front is also a historical gem, it’s the same place where revolt was planned against the Qing dynasty by some great freedom fighters.


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This awe-inspiring three-tiered building used to be a lodging house for travelers and legendary Woo Cheong pawn shop. Today it is occupied by a glitzy bar and a fine restaurant. The comfortable sofas are large, it has state of the art interiors designed by a film maker, and terrace patios overlooking the tram route, it makes this place perfect for tasting, from the wide pool of lagers and beers.

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