Bon Voyage to the Best 5 Islands of French Polynesia


Tourists from all over the land visit here, so your expedition starts from Tahiti. Home to the little yet occupied capital of Papeete, home to over 50% of the nation’s population and couple of resorts, most guests rapidly head to all the more far flung islands. It’s beneficial sticking around a day or two to see Tahiti’s numerous mountains and waterfall valleys, for example, Papenoo and Fautaua Valleys, by walking or by 4X4 SUV.

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While Mo’orea is just a short flight or voyage from Tahiti, its home to a greater amount of the things you expect on a tropical occasion: white shorelines, luxury resorts and a seriously blue tidal pond. It equals Bora for lavish, high-crested magnificence however it is best for executive class people and families.

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 Hire some wheels to visit the island, making a point to go up through the Opunohu Valley, where numerous old Polynesian sanctuaries are covered up in dense woods. At the highest point of this valley is the Belvedere point which gives you a chance to look over impossibly sharp slice edges to the Cooks and Opunohu inlets.

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Bora Bora

This glorious, square crested island ascends from its sea greenish-blue tidal pond like an incarnation of heaven. This is the place you’ll locate those much heard overwater cabins where glass tables let you look into the fish-filled waters underneath and daily smorgasbord are served by blazing light.


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 Private, shoreline loaded islets surround Bora’s fabulous tidal pond. The most stunningly sumptuous resorts on these islets incorporate the Four Seasons Resort Bora and the St Regis Resort.

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 Ra’iatea & Taha’a

They are known as the “Sacred” and “Vanilla” Islands separately. Ra’iatea and Taha’a jointly share a tidal pond, however they both are very different one another. Ra’iatea is home to the nation’s greatest and most vital marae (old religious site), Taputapuatea, and in addition to the uncommon Tiare Apetahi, a white bloom that flourishes on the inclines of Mt Temahani. To visit these destinations you’ll have to hire a car.

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The Tuamotus

With land heights coming close to only a few meters , the ethereal rings of coral that make up the Tuamotu islands encompass tidal ponds rich with corals, fish, sharks and beams. Rangiroa is the biggest and most developed atoll and is known for its diving through shark-filled passes. In the evenings you can watch dolphins skip in Tiputa Pass, the shores of which are a simple walk from most inns.

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