Mayan Cenotes of Yucatan Peninsula – An Escape for an Underwater Adventurer

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 There is no denying that the Yucatan Peninsula leaves you awe-struck with its enigmatic beaches around, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. But there are times when you feel like having a swim all for yourself and you are badly fade up of the swarms and bikini flashiness. Fortunately you can escape to the underworld of glittering pools- Cenotes.

Cenotes are natural swimming pits which were formed by the collapse of the permeable limestock bedrocks, thusly unlocking the mystery of underground turquoise pools. The Cenotes are rich in minerals and their waters are continuously filtered by earth making them so crystalline that you can look through to marine life below. The underwater explorers will be thrilled by such transparent waters which facilitates viewing of marine playground with such clarity.

Mayans believed that Cenotes were a forum to communicate with Gods. At these concealed locations you can dip in mineral waters in the caves under a jungle-themed sky and feel as if you have travelled back to another era. Open-air Cenotes also have therapeutical waters which nourish and vitalize your skin. Here’s our random pick of Two of the Best Cenotes in the region:-

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 Cenote Dos Ojos, near Tulum

The name signifies ‘Two Eyes’ and depicts this current cenote’s two pools of water: one blue and clear, the other dim and enormous. Both are well kept yet it’s the Black “Eye” that remains in the limelight, for its light snorkeling. Gear kit for rent at the cenote incorporates an electric torch for throwing enough light to see the stalactites. It’s confined and claustrophobic down there, and exploring the caves isn’t for everybody, except it’s thrilling to see light emissions slice through the crystal waters underneath.

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Cenote Samula, near Valladolid and Chichen Itza

Cenote Samula, in the town of Dzitnup, is a photogenic heartthrob, complete with shaded simulated lights that delicately throb through the encased cavern. This makes a surly stage for the bathers in the fresh and cool waters. The time stops by when you turn your head skywards and see long tree roots spilling through a wide opening in the roof from far above. The tree stays alive in light of the fact that its roots eat the cenote’s water. Daylight tumbles from the gateway, making a spotlight into the hollow and on to the blue water. You will feel humble by seeing this impossible get-together of nature.

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