Costa Rica’s Coast; The Treasury of Rich Marine Assets

Costa 1

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Nice beach to rest after diving

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Costa Rica’s flourishing jungles and bounteous untamed life have made it a central destination for eco-explorers, at the same time, the nation’s lesser-known coastal waters abound with life and are simply awe-inspiring.

Tragically, in recent past these submerged territories have been diluted by excessive fishing and illegal hunting and the media has provoked the nation to reinforce its ‘Blue Agenda’.

Marine explorers can at present experience Costa Rica’s staggering submerged life and can be a part of conservation cause in these waters as well.

Playa Ostional

Costa 3

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Costa 4

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Costa 5

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Costa 6

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Spotting a sea turtle is good but witnessing thousands of them is iconic. In Playa Ostinol visitors are stunned by the sight of plentitude of turtles popping out of the waters and dragging their bodies through the powdery white sand to find a spot to lay their eggs. These turtles pilgrimages are called as Arribadas. The size of their eggs is similar to that of bouncy balls. Only few are lucky enough to see the eggs get hatched and baby turtles resorting plunging into the sea.

Osa Peninsula

Costa 7

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Costa Rica --- Osa Peninsula Coastline in Costa Rica --- Image by © Frans Lanting/Corbis

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 Costa 9

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Costa 10

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 Wealthy in terms of minerals and nutrients, the profound waters off the Osa Peninsula pulls in swarms of sea mammals. Spinner dolphins have the reputation of migrating in groups of thousands and you will find their herds while on a short excursion voyage. Even if you don’t spot them, the voyage is bountiful particularly at the time of year when colossal humpback whales spill water out of their blowholes and push their gigantic tails into the air. They often condition their babies next to the visitor boats.

Bat Islands

Costa 11

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Costa 12

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Costa 13

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A split shot shows the Stingrays swimming right below the surface.

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 ‘The Bats,’ are overflowing with bull sharks. Having a gander at these mighty ocean creatures, which grow up to 16ft, is the best (among many other) motivation to visit Bats. Colorful fish and titan stingrays likewise float past staggering undersea rocks and curving caves-65ft underneath the surface. Solid waves mean this only apt for those with experience. Amateurs will admire the neighboring Catalina Islands or the islet of Monkey Head, which pulls in great angelfish and writhing shellfish.

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