5 Activities to get the True Essence of Jeju Islands

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Flowers, lava, ocean, and sky in Jeju, Korea.
Flowers, lava, ocean, and sky in Jeju, Korea.

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With close proximity to sleeping yet daunting volcanoes, fun and frolic at shores and a wide array of hiking treks that give a whole new definition to the urge for exploration, Jeju island has something to offer to every traveller, no matter what their orientations are.

Conquering a Volcano

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Rise up an hour earlier than the day break and scramble up the Seongsan Ilchul-bong- a dramatic volcano on the eastern coast of Jeju. Usually it takes less than 30 minutes to reach to the top. On reaching the summit you can watch the sun peeping out over the horizon, admire the mystical charm of the nature.

Hitch Hiking in Olle

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Maybe the most ideal approach to investigate countryside in Jeju is to walk any of the Olle trails. Today, Olle alludes is a joint web of 26 marked climbing ways that is spread across the island. Trail lengths differ somewhere around 7 and 23 kilometers in length, each of which gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the locals.

Nightfall at Hyeopjae Beach

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With the endless stretches of powdery white sand (blemished with black lava rocks) plunging gently in the cobalt blue waters, Hyeopjae is a standout amongst the beaches of Jeju. Not to much surprise it gets swarmed in summers, when the mob sets in to party in the waters which are of waist-height, but it’s relatively peaceful during the rest of the year. However nightfall is the thing which this beach gloats. After the sun dips into the horizon the various hues of sky fuses into each other and then surrender to the dark might of the night.

Getting Foodilicious

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Jeju’s cuisines are heavily inspired by the flavors from the sea for instance the haemful tang, a mellow hot pot filled with, fishes, crab and shrimps dipped in partially filtered broth. Local toppings add varieties to the color and taste of tang. It is served with vegetables and a bowl of rice. Though it is typically a lunch, it also makes up for a great breakfast.

Putting your Faith to Test

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To attain wisdom you need to make lot of sacrifices. This is what you will infer from your trip to Sanbang-gul-sa- a small yet a majestic temple on the island’s south-western edge. A 2 km stroll from the town of Sagye-ri will lead you to the enormous rock peeping out of the earth – Sangbang-san. Again you need to scramble up the steep stairs which will bring you to the hidden cave where the Buddha statue is placed. Lit up incense and drink the holy water from the nearby pool which is supposed to have magical powers.

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