5 Ways to Break a Sweat in New Zealand

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Mountain Biking

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The Queen Charlotte Track is 71km-long. It passes through the beguiling Marlborough Sounds, a richly forested amusement park of lovely straights, islands, inlets and conduits. An undeniable option is to ride the track on a mountain bike. You can even get watercrafts to transport your gear to your next port of call – too simple. What’s more, when your seat sore bum needs a break, you can try various waterside ‘Incredible Getaway’ lodging options, ideal for travelers to rest fatigued legs and reenergize on the copious neighborhood seafood.


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At the highest point of New Zealand’s South Island is the blissful Abel Tasman National Park, a great stretch of indented coastline where brilliant sand is lapped by sparkling blue-green water that allures you to its charm. You can walk a 51km beachfront track through the recreation center, yet we think oaring is the best choice. Kayaking supervisor will give you essentials and you can pick anything from a sunset oar to a three-day camping pack.


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 For all the people who have gauged at an aquarium and pondered over the marine life , the strange named Goat Island, seaward from the town of Leigh, are bound to instigate a watery fantasy. You’re ensured to candidly meet marine life as you scuba-dive or snorkel in this goliath submerged aquarium. Goat Island’s water has been preserved since 1975 and the underwater creatures have thrived– they incorporate blue cod, snapper, stingrays, crayfish, octopus and anemones.

Black-Water Rafting

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The town of Waitomo, in the North Island, appears to be calm and peaceful over the ground, yet there’s a heck lot of activity going on beneath the surface. Specked all across the country are various shafts dropping unexpectedly into underground tunnels and streams. Never missing out on adventures, operators lend you a neoprene suit and a helmet, gear up and begin your underground excursion. The high point is jumping off a little waterfall then coasting through an endless passage brimming with glowworm. If you still feel audacious take the tougher route and add flair of abseiling.


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Every year almost 30,000 people fling themselves out of the plane in the skies above Taupo, which is hyped as the ‘Skydiving Capital Of The World’. If you gather the bravery for a jump, you can take in aerial views of Lake Taupo and the triple-crested green sheet of Tongariro National Park.

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