5 Reasons to visit Peninsula de Samana

Saman 1

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Saman 2

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This straitened limb of the Dominican Republic, floating in the North Atlantic Ocean, but somehow connected to the mainland, is an absolute contrast to what you see in the tourism scene of the Southeast Dominican Republic. Amazing whale-watching excursions, series of untainted beaches and splendid seafront villages dressed up in European style, make this peninsula a standout in the whole of the Caribbean.

Fair of Humpback Whales

Humpback Whale Jumping Out Of The Water

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Saman 4

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C97PGP Breaching humpback whale, Hawaii"humpback whale", lunging, breaching, whale

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The favorite activity of the peninsula and the only time when it gets a bit too swarmed is from mid- January to mid-March. This is the time when about 10,000 North Atlantic humpback whales migrate to the inlets for mating, which leaves the spectators at the edge of the awe. The best whale-watching trip is run by the Canadian marine biologist- Kim Beddall which leaves daily from Samana town.

Delightful Cuisines of El Cabito

Saman 6

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Saman 7

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Saman 8

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samana 10

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The classical yet chic EL Cabito restaurant gives an entirely new definition to the sea food. The views at sunset are enigmatic, the pastel shades of sky first melt into each other and then plunge into the horizon before being completely taken over by the dark. The only noise which you will probably hear is that of the birds returning to their nests and the waves dashing out the bottom of the cliffs. The dining experience is perfectly mated to exotic backdrops and the overall feeling is sure to stay with you for quite a long time.

Swooshing through the sands of Playa Rincon


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samana 12

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samana 13

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samana 14

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The Dominican Republic has plenty of beautiful beaches under its badge, but Playa Rincon is something out of this world. An elegant 3 km stretch of sand, unmarred from tourism and backed up by dense palm forests leaves you asking for no more. The nature has conspired to make it the perfect beach for lying down.

Getting more acquainted with the Nature -Parque Nacional Los Haitises

samana 15

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samana 17

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 The magic of Samana has been veiled by waters. This seaside marine park ensures 1375 sq km of subtropical damp woods, more than hundred species of birds and various mangroves and limestone caverns. Its striking scene, fixated on sensational rich glades bulging 30m to 50m out of the water, as formed due to the tectonic movements which contorted the submerged limestone shelf, millions of year ago. Despite the fact that it actually is a part of the mainland, Los Haitises is best reached by kayak trips from Samana.

Tasting the flavors of the World-Las Terrenas

samana 18

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samana 19

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A standout amongst the most delightful spots in Samana is the modern villa of Las Terrenas, found 38km northwest of Samana town. With a particularly European feel – Italians expats tasting coffee, French foreigners conveying chunks of fresh baguettes on their backs as they bicycle through town – Las Terrenas is a melting pot of various cultures, though mostly wrapped up in Latin.

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