An Insight into the Stingray City


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Sting Ray is believed to be the best diving and snorkeling spot in the world. This sandy bottom of the sea is like the fair of stingrays who have gathered to feed themselves. As and when you go deeper into the waters, your fingers will tempt the sting rays and they will rise up to the surface hoping for morsels. How do the Sting rays relate humans with food?


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Grand Cayman’s famous North Sound has an opening in the reef, which was the daily route for fishermen to enter for angling. Afterwards the fishermen used to sit in calm waters and cleaned their daily catch. As they threw bones and stomach overboard, stingrays would come and feed on the parts of fish. This how the Sting rays started associating humans with foods and in the process got amazingly tamed as well.


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Those who haven’t seen stingrays earlier would not be able to imagine the strangeness of the sight. Stingrays prefer to hide under the sandy bottoms of the ocean with only their round eyes remaining above the floor, guarding themselves from predator’s for instance Caribbean reef shark or hammerheads.


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Rays have one weapon in their weaponry – a serrated, cluster of thorn covered with venom, four to eight inches in length, that can be utilized to avert adversaries or somebody settling on top of them. This can cause an excruciating injury in people which is prone to infections and if the thorn breaks under the skin, then it has to be removed via surgery.


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That is unrealistic to happen in this remarkable circle, although, the beams have become used to people. It may sound exciting but caution ought to be taken not to touch these wild animals, beams have a defensive mucous on their skins and touching them can evacuate this covering, making them vulnerable to diseases.

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