5 Island Retreats to Relish without Hurting Your Pocket


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Mljet, Croatia: It is the most ravishing of the Adriatic islands, most part of the island is cladded up with forests and the rest is blemished with fields, vineyards and hamlets. It’s an untainted refuge of serenity, where Odysseus was held captive for seven years as per the legends. Can you think of a better place to be detained in, than this perfect incarnation of heaven?


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Ko Chang, Thailand: It has long been a favorite seaside escape of the Thais particularly the locals of Bangkok. They come here to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city life to revive up their souls. The nation’s best beaches are sprung here. In fact, it has been the trend setter when it comes to beachy amusements. Ko chang and its sister islands provide the perfect tropical ambience but the catch is they get a touch too crowded at weekends.


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Eleuthera, Bahamas: An ideal destination for an unperturbed laid back experience. The ‘nothing to do’ holidays give beach bums a glimpse of royalty, they are effortlessly drowned in state-of-the-art luxuries. The shorelines here are the chic and flamboyant super models, pink hued sand, cobalt blue waters gleaming under the sun, shady coves and stupendous cliffs.


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Aeolian Islands, Sicily: Bulging out of the cobalt blue waters off the Sicily’s northeastern shore, these UNESCO protected islands are a perfect resort for adrenaline junkies. Water sports choices proliferate and there is much on offer for divers and snorkelers. Climbers also find challenging treks up to the soaring volcanoes whereas the gourmets savor the Malvasia wine.


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Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean: Fortunately, these Islands have remained unmarred from mass tourism unlike others in the Caribbean. They have not only hold onto their indigenous feel, but are loaded with natural bounties like no other. You will see forlorn bays where donkeys outnumber the humans, old towns completely unacquainted with the hush and rush and divers cherishing warm waters brimmed up with marine life.

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One thought on “5 Island Retreats to Relish without Hurting Your Pocket

  1. Absolutely stunning, love the look of the Croatia Island and the one in Sicily. Need to become a travel reporter I thing lol


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