Bounties of Tanzania Beyond the Zanzibar


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Zanzibar has gained the reputation of the ‘Spice Island ‘and is renowned for its salty sea breezes. This island floats in the cobalt blue waters off the eastern shores of Tanzania and is incredibly popular among newlyweds as it is blemished with numerous honeymoon resorts. Such is the magnificence of this heavenly place that people don’t give it a second thought to other offerings of Tanzania which can not only match the charisma and charm of the Zanzibar, but can dethrone it in more than one way. Only the few intrepid travelers know that the Southeastern coast of the country has got many things in stock, beyond what the Spice Island puts on the table.


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The mainland outnumbers the Zanzibar, when it comes to idyllic hammock-swinging spots. Almost every coastal towns and hamlet faces the crystalline waters and powdery white sands and in between are many hidden away beaches which no one really knows about except for the odd lost fisherman. The resort of Ras kutani, which is just a short hike away from Dar es Salaam is the perfect juxtaposition of natural beauty and sheer luxurious amenities.


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If you want to escape from the crowds of Zanzibar, the Mafia Island is there to the rescue you just need to sail southwards about 160 km. This brilliant green wedge of baobab trees and mangrove timberlands – scattered with slips of immaculate white sand, shimmering  sand islets and a sprinkling of old remnants – has a happy go lucky vibe that can easily get under your skin.


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The historical backdrop of the Swahili people is seen all over the East African drift in the gradually deteriorating remains of ancient Swahili towns and mosques, the clammy detainment facilities used to store slaves and in the mildewed pioneer relics. The Kilwa Kisiwani is the best reflects the Swahili life in the south east, but for a comprehensive understanding and deeper insight into their lifestyle – Mikinindani is the ultimate option to explore. This place is swarmed with the colonial remains, Swahili houses by the shores, and open air eateries. Moreover, the warm welcoming and compassionate locals will make you feel pretty much at home.

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