Seeking Refuge In The Exotics Of Puerto Plata

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Too fade up by the hush and rush of the world? Want to escape to one of the postcard beaches in the Caribbean, which you have been wanting to ever since your childhood?

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many unblemished and unmarred coasts left on the Caribbean which can give you a tranquil experience. This is where Puerto Plata stands out. Dabbed on to the Northern coast of Dominican Republic, the ‘Silver Port’ territory can potentially quench your thirst for the tropical paradise. Choices of hiking and mountain biking abound in this rich and diverse area, moreover, the nightlife is iconic. And how can you miss out on the endless stretches of the legendary Caribbean sand.

Puerto Plata is the where it is easier to ditch the crowds and still enjoy the excellent tourism infrastructure and that too without hurting your budget at all.

Though the charisma of Puerto Plata is inexplicable, but here we have tried to give reasons why we seek refuge in this exotic coast.

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This coastal region is showered with nature’s choicest blessings, and has some of the most pristine and longest stretches of sand in the whole of Caribbean. The most famous of them is Playa Grande; it’s just a short drive eastwards from the picturesque town of Rio San Juan. It looks as if the strip of heaven is poured down on earth, with massive strand of ochre sand is marked by plentiful underwater life off shores on one side and is backed by a dense plantation of coconut palms on the other. Sheer white cliffs overlooking the sea from just a decent distance, adds up to the ethereal splendor of this beach.

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The surfs are generally calm and composed, and without much surprise it is one of the best surfing spots in the mainland. If swooshing through the waves isn’t you thing, then you can simply lie down on the sands and take in the otherworldly beauty.

Usually, Playa Dorada is considered more apt for an idyllic nothing to do holiday. If you have zeal to explore, then you might end up finding a beach all for yourself in the nearby territories of the Puerto Plata.

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