Experience The 3 Ideal Incarnations Of Heaven On Earth

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Want to add a stroke of Serendipity in your monotonous life? Looking for a getaway where you can embrace the charm of nature and get pampered by it? We have picked up 3 perfect incarnations of heaven which will not only give you solitude, but will shed off all your negative vibes with their showers of blessings.

Atiu, Cook Islands

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This Cook Island is stuffed with all typical tropical flavors, forlorn beaches, azure blue waters and powdery white sands. But that’s not it, it has got more bounties to it – a series of enigmatic limestone caves nestled away in the deep wilderness on the coral coastal plains encircling the island. Some caves were even used for burials, but you don’t need to be horrified as chances of encountering an eerie ghost are none. The Island’s diversity of flora and fauna is fast becoming a legend.

Kuna Yala, Panama

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Isla, Kuna Yala, San Blas, Panama.

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San Blas (Kuana Yala)

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The ethereal beauty of Kuna Yala archipelago will leave you at the edge of awe. These islands are sometimes referred to as San Blas Islands. These islands are marked by palm trees, scintillating beaches, thatched cottages and ageless beauty. The Kuna Yala is largely unmarred by tourism because the laws of the land have laid down enough provisions to integrate and preserve the natural resources, thusly making it a perfect escape from the hush and rush of the world.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

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A group of 3 pristine islands endowed with mystical charm and countless bounties. These islands are incredibly popular for their vast and profound coral reefs which lures in submarine explorers with its smorgasbord of vibrant oceanic wild life.  It is believed that there’s a magical ring around the island which captivates visitors and they decline to return to home. After your visit, you will feel that for once the legends were true. There’s something for foodies as well-marinated tuna steaks which not only pleases their tongues, but in fact, it triggers all their senses.

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