Exploring the Spanish heritage in Manila, Philippines

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The Philippines was the only Spanish colony in whole of Asia and luckily so that is what makes it standout from the other neighboring nations. Instramurous is the centre point of Spanish culture in manila and best place to dive into opulent Spanish history. After having been demolished in WWII the fortified walls of the city have again been resurrected largely and are a great refuge from the hush and rush of the city. Meandering in the boulevards here you will get a sense of tranquility which is lined by colonial buildings.

In the heart of the Instamurous stands the legendary Fort Santiago- a stronghold used by Spanish and American military with its arched doors, barracks and prison blocks encircled by parks, fountains and congregation chambers.

World-class museums

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Manila is a packed to brim with rich museums endowed with various themes. For an insight into the pre-Hispanic era, visit the national Museum, placed within in a 19th century neo-classical building, it exhibits artifacts dating back to centuries. The Rizal Shrine Museum is another stunner which is a tribute to the life of the national hero – Dr. Jose Rizal, which showcases the dramatic events of his lives and the masterpieces show great reverence to his patriotism for the country. Its more of a time travel to the independence struggle of the nation.

Chinatown and unusual cemeteries

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The city gloats about being a home to the oldest Chinatown of the world, Binodo district is a great place to grasp the essence of old Manilla with a twist. Streets are adorned with Chinese lanterns and are swayed with Chinese shops on one side which sells herbal medicines, Buddhist memento snd not to miss out Hokkien food.

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Just north of Binodo is the Chineese graveyard, one of the Manilla’s most beatiful sights. Feel the melancholy of the streets dotted with tombs most of which have air-conditioning. If this doesn’t seems insane, than just take a leap forward to the neighboring North cemetery where people have made houses and setup shops amidst the tombs.

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