Rising Above the Monotonous Life to Meander through Exotic Beaches & Islands

Formentera, Spain

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Get rid of your notion of idealistic sands for sun bathing, the smallest of the incredibly famous Balearic Islands, Fomentera gloats about some of the most exotic shorelines on the Mediterranean. By exotic we mean both – The otherworldly beauty and the outlandish boldness. You are probably going to get more noticed if you have put on your clothes rather than taking them off. Playa Levante is a hotspot nudist beach which is swayed by trees on the side and its sands are intermitted by fondled mounds, while Playa Es Calo offers some top choices of snorkeling in its crystalline off shores.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

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The overwhelming hippy influence in the 1960’s turned Paradise beach into the haven for passionate canoodlers and uncontrolled boozers. The hippy vibe can be sensed even today with its seafront bars packed to the brim and its sands hosting the rave parties all through the night. Paradise beach is all about being yourself and getting acquainted with the rebels and non-conformists. As a tradition, you need to plunge into the waters at the dawn before going to bed to take a quintessential nap.

Turtle Island, Fiji

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This one is for the romancing couples, an opulence dipped island resort with potential accommodation for only 14 couples, featuring extravagant villas, waterfront alfresco diners and a spa menu as rich as the natural setting itself. Moreover, there are 14 private beaches, so there are none to constraint you from meandering naked on the white sands, soaking up the sun and later cherishing the dive under moonlit waters. The island was a shot location for the legendary movie –Blue Lagoon and what can be a more heavenly place to strip off your clothes.

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