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Hong Kong is deliberately enigmatic in many aspects. The skyscraper hotels shrouded up with luxury are the first, but the deteriorate tenements look like third world elements. How is this majestic, small island a home to more than 7 million people? This cosmopolitan city is packed with over 10,000 restaurants. Questions keep tickling your mind in this majestic island.

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Bewildered you reach the waters and gawp at the stunning mainland. The unfolding vistas of the iconic monuments kissing the skies are bound to make your heart skip a beat or two. The bustling harbor dotted with merchant ships and tourist ferries and the futuristic landscape of the background popping out at daunting heights.

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This place is a smooth criminal, exotic, staggering and accessible. If you are visiting for a business meeting, expect some beautiful panoramic views from the balconies of the architectural giants and if you are visiting to chill out, you will never ever run out of options to explore. Here are our picks of how to soak up Hong Kong’s culture.

Frolic along Hong Kong Island’s northern coast on a tram

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It doesn’t matter how frequently you visit Hong Kong, a ride on a double-decker bus is endlessly exciting. Yes they are sluggish, without the A.C and being fully opened up to the hustle and bustle of the city, but that is part of the fun. You will make slow progress peering through a silver of Hong Kong’s Island, your journey along the tram routes offers euphoric and sensationalizing urban vistas.

Pray for Prosperous Future in temple of New Kowloon

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Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is a palette of various colors; red pillars, light yellow ceilings and bluish-green lattices. Backing up the main temple are the good wish gardens, decorated with twisting bridges and turquoise ponds. Within the complex there is a bizarre verandah filled with numerous booths where fortune-tellers do palm reading.

Dive into opulence at Hong Kong’s legendary Peninsula hotel

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For sheer extravagance and a soothing atmosphere with a quartet sawing away energetically in the corridors, tea at the legendary Peninsula hotel is an unforgettable experience. The Peninsula is definitely the best architectural gem of Hong Kong and one of the biggest hotels in the world. Come, get acquainted with the affluent side of the Island.

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