3 Iconic Experiences on Hawaii’s Big Island

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The magnificent Hawaii!, Even the most intrepid travelers know about this geographically diverse island which is stuffed with all the possible ingredients of a perfect island; laid-back fishing villages to opulence resorts, snow shrouded peaks to untainted stretches of sands. This enigmatic tropical charm is backed up by a dramatic history and its natural beauty will leave you at edge of awe.

Exploring Volcanoes National Park

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Lava flows into the Pacific Ocean

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AKRWFK Hikers wander through lava flows in Kilauea Iki volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National park. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

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The daunting glow of the Lava Lake, isolated palm swayed shorelines, ancients rock paintings chiseled onto the lava rocks, and long hiking trails which peer through the craters, verdant green backwoods and stifling hot deserts. Hawaii’s most favorite site is in fact a canvass of heavenly bounties which lures in swarms of travel enthusiasts. For a wholesome experience try and grab one of the 12 desired spots on the weekly Lava Tube Tour. This is by far the best place to soak up the Island’s culture which includes festive celebrations, performance of hula on crater rim and edifying speeches.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Rays at Night

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The thought of diving at night is in itself beyond the imagination. But in fact, your mental horizons are pushed when you turn on lights and lure in groups with Pacific manta rays, with luminescent wings and long tapered tails. This experience is talked about with great reverence by many diving enthusiasts and leaves a strong imprint on anybody’s soul who gets up close and personal with the vibrant rays under the dark sky. You are likely to get your head knocked by their fins.

Adventure in Waipi’o Valley

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There have been many legends visiting this majestic valley. You can spend hours embracing its beauty however, rushing waterfalls, untamed horses and mysterious black sands seduce the explorers more. From where the road ends, you either need to hike or ride on a horse to reach there. Kayaking is also a good option but is suitable for only highly skilled professionals. The most enticing panoramas can be seen from the ascending Muliwai Trail. As you rise higher, more beautiful vistas unfold.

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