Reach out to Watery Paradises as a Day trip from Havana

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Havana can hold anybody captive of its mystical charm. Havana lights up the fantasies. Without a doubt there is some hidden magic here, what else could keep the locals motivated to soak up the potholes in their jalopies, stand together against global isolation, and laugh it out with peers despite of severe miseries. Cuban capital is no less than a hypnotizer, but you will need to break out of it, to experience the nearby fascinations of Cuba.

Havana Riviera

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Just 30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Centro Habana neighborhood, is a Caribbean beach paradise, which is often talked about with great reverence in travel books.

The ethereal 50km long coast swayed with coconut palms is called as Playas del Este by the locals. There are numerous exotic beaches here, but Santa Maria is a standout among those with differently hued powdery white sands. Head to the buzzing beach town of Guanabo to get acquainted with the locals while the spread of sand across the Boca Ciega is the paradise for maverick and rebel LGBT’s.


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Just an hour’s drive towards the east of Havana, Jibacoa has a series of enigmatic beaches, which are backed up by dramatic cliffs and caves which appeals to your senses. Despite of having so many bounties under its belt, this area has remained largely unmarred by Tourism. Mix up soaking the sun with adrenaline pumping activities like snorkeling, hiking and caving. Please don’t whisper much about the best kept secret of Playa de los Artistas, which is the safe haven for snorkelers.


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A 20km-long, awe-inspiring peninsula has a different vibe from the rest of the island. It is blemished with up-market all inclusive resorts, luxurious spas, recreational centers and a state of the art Golf Course. Vaadero also boasts about some of the most pristine beaches in the whole of Caribbean. If you are willing to step out of the opulence dipped life, and want to experience something which is more rustic and authentic, try staying in a rented out rooms of the local’s houses. Moreover you can also savor the local delicacies in their purest form by eating in a private open air bistros or restaurant. Getting up close and personal with the locals adds a stroke of serendipity in your holiday.

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