3 Best Sunrises of the World

Lying back on a sun bed, savoring a cocktail and watching the sun dipping far into the horizon is surely a luxury. But there’s far more pleasure in pulling yourself out from the bed in the dark and scrambling up to the mountain top with a snoozy feeling to see the sun rise gloriously and dramatic changes in the shades of the earth as it hovers at the top. Moreover, you have the long day ahead of you, which is full of adventures and bizarre experiences. If you are feeling sleepy, then you can always go back to bed.


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Watch a sun rise in these exotic territories, and you will be startled. We BET!


Uluru, Australia

Central Australia’s sublime wonder is at its best, when the sun is rising at its backdrop. You will need to heave yourself from the bad latest by 4am to beat the swarms of blearily traipsing sun worshippers to grab the best spot. But as the sky lightens from sheer black to purple, green and blue, and the red rock of Uluru starts to gleam enigmatically, you will realize that it was worth sacrificing your sleep.


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Sunrise, Ayers Rock, Uluru National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

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Mount Batur, Bali

Everybody knows about Balinese mountain sunrise, but unlike other clichés its mystical charms never fades way. If you aren’t in the best shape of your life, then skip the legendary Mount Agung and head to the Mount Batur instead. Trips can be organized from Ubud. Guides will pick you up around 2 am and will keep you moving incessantly that you won’t even have the luxury of wiping you sweat. The indulging scenery across the lake to daunting Agung and commanding views of the ocean are definitely Southeast Asia’s best.


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Shetland Isles, Scotland

The northern most islands of the UK offer some of the most alluring sunrises in the continent. The secluded beaches are the best spot to witness the sun popping out of the horizon, and you will tranquility spread all over in the air. Come here in early spring or late autumn to watch the sunrise and get mesmerized. The close proximity of the Shetland’s with North Pole also implies that the sun only spends few hours dunking into the horizon in summer months.

Shetland Isles, Scotland1

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Shetland Isles, Scotland2

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Shetland Isles, Scotland3

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Shetland Isles, Scotland4

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Shetland Isles, Scotland5

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Shetland Isles, Scotland6

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Shetland Isles, Scotland7

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Shetland Isles, Scotland8

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Shetland Isles, Scotland9

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