Northern Australia: The Euphoria of Natural Beauty


Anangu tribal, Uluru; Picture Courtesy –


Picture Courtesy –

The true essence of Australia lies in its North; a wide, scarcely populated country, witty locals, bizarre customs and strange landforms, and millennia old culture still surviving in today’s western lifestyle..



Uluru; Picture Courtesy –


Picture Courtesy –


Uluru Waterfalls; Picture Courtesy –


Erosion marking; Picture Courtesy –


Uluru cave; Picture courtesy –

Uluru is a standout amongst the natural landmarks of the mainland. It doesn’t matter if you have been seeing it on the postcards ever since you were a child, the very first sight of this goliath on the horizon will drop your jaw. Uluru stretches over to 3.6km and soars up to a daunting height of 348m from the nearby brushes. The numbers of the height from sea-level are more impressive – 870m. If this doesn’t amazes you, listen to this, it is believed that only 33% of the rock is popped out of the surface the remaining is still underground. If you examine it closely you will find many indented and market sites which are of vital importance to Amangu people. In the afternoon the rock’s shade looks like ochre-red which is incised with dark shadows. Sunsets are very dramatic, the rock gleams as dark orange when the sun is nearing the horizon, after when the sun dips into it, the rock acquires various shades of dark red and maroon after fusing into sheer black.

Kakadu National Park


Kakdu National Park, Northern Territory; Picture Courtesy –


Kakadu National, NT; Picture Courtesy –


Rock art; Picture Courtesy –

Kakadu National Park - Jumping Crocodiles!

Picture Courtesy –


Jim Jim river, Kakadu National park; Picture Courtesy –

Kakadu National is much more than just being a natural reserve. Apart from possessing exotic landscape, it exhibits rich wildlife and cultural heritage of the native tribes of the Northern Territory. It’s a tribute to the indigenous cultures which the natives have preserved for millennia. Visit awe-inspiring and mystical rock-art sites and explore dense wetlands brimming with exceptional wildlife under the instructions of environmentalists.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market      


Picture Courtesy –


Picture Courtesy


Picture courtesy


Picture Courtesy –


Food kiosk, Mindil Beach Sunset Market; Picture Courtesy –

More than half of the Darwin rushes out to Mindil Beach Sunset Market in the evening, with all their comfy essentials – tables, loungers etc and strive to find a spot under coconut palms to watch the sun dip into the waters. There are plenty of choices of food kiosks and the people are bewildered to decide that which of the stall’s essence fascinates them the most. But savoring the sumptuous food is only half the excitement. Arts and craft kiosks bulging with jewellery, mementos and pottery from Far-Eastern countries.

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