Stop Lusting for the Luxuries of Varadero

  1        Varadero; Picture courtesy –                              


 Picture courtesy –


 Picture courtesy –


7th Hole, Pebble Beach Golf Links; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy – Varadero Beach; Picture courtesy


Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


 Picture courtesy –


 Santa Marta Beach; Picture courtesy –


Tayrona National Park; Santa Marta; Picture courtesy –


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 An enigmatic 20km long peninsula with beautiful stretches of golden-white sands on the shores, which is blemished with more than 50 all inclusive hotels, spa complexes and a lush golf course. Varadero, the largest resort in Cuba has most splendid natural setting you will ever see. It’s no surprise that tourists, who swarm in here every year, have crossed the one million mark.

But the contrast between the land outside the gates and the resort is so heartbreaking. From the opulence dipped high-end hotels which cost up to a grand for a night in their extravagant rooms, pristine stretches of beaches and manicured gardens you move out to a world which is very much its opposite. A land of tumbledown colonial buildings and vibrantly colored 1950’s Cadillacs soaking up the huge bumps on the road, fruit vendors and horse-cart owners trying to balance everything from sugarcane sticks to antique furniture on their worn out machines. You will also see poverty ridden people who are completely unacquainted with the life inside the gates of Varadero and are struggling for survival with the monthly income of US$20.

Even those who lust for the comforts of all inclusive resorts shouldn’t miss a chance to meander outside of Varadero. It is not only about that enlightening, shocking reality you will come to know about the region, but there are much better diving sites, better amusements and some would even argue that better places to stay which will give you a mix of authenticity and serendipity than the Varadero’s artificially wrapped confines. The best thing is that they are close enough to wealthy resorts which you crave for, so that you can return to comfy and cozy interiors come sunset.

The 3 main attractions of Cuba nearby the Hicacos Peninsula (Varadero) are:-

Playa Coral –


Playa Coral; Picture courtesy –


Playa Coral; Picture courtesy –


Snorkeling, Playa Coral; Picture courtesy –

An alluring stretch of sand with sublime reefs which are a smorgasbord of more than 100 multicolored species of fishes and about 50 species of corals. The fabulous water visibility also makes it one of the most profound snorkeling sites in the whole of the Caribbean.

Cueva Saturno


Cueva de Saturno; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –

natural, subterranean swimming hole amidst the intricate system of caverns. Its Turquoise waters have a complex network of stalactites which unite with stalagmites at profound depths.

Mantanzas –


Teatro Sauto; Picture courtesy –


Iglesia de Monserrate; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –

The ghost of Cuba’s colonial past which possesses many jewels like Teatro Sauto, Iglesia de Monserrate and many other colonial masterpieces.

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