3 Surreal yet Sexy Beaches of the World


 Bowling ball Beach; Picture courtesy – imgur.com


Glass Beach, California; Picture courtesy – idea-space.com


Harbour Island, Bahamas; Picture courtesy – roughguides.com

 Bowling Ball Beach, California

These sandstone concretions at Bowling Ball Beach, a few miles south of Point Arena, California are much like the Moeraki boulders in New Zealand. This is low tide at sunrise, which is good for reflections.

Bowling ball Beach; Picture courtesy – travellingaround.org


Picture courtesy -blogspot.com


Picture courtesy –wordpress.com

 Round rocks are a strong motivation for people to visit a Californian beach, it’s a bizarre truth. In contrast to the rest of the Californian beaches which have elegant stretches of sand and a party ambiance, this beach has bowling balls which seems like the pebbles of the Goliath. Best experienced at low tide, the rocks are tidily rounded and are in progression, as if a purposeful arrangement have been made. As a matter of fact they are stubborn. The softer rocks washed away but they have shown huge resilience to the winds and the waves.

Glass Beach, California


Picture courtesy –charismaticplanet.com


Glass Beach, California; Picture courtesy – findseaglass.net


Picture courtesy – findseaglass.net



Picture courtesy – findseaglass.net


This beach has transformed from a garbage trash to a priceless treasury. Guarded by cliffs, this [place was once seen only as a dumping ground for Fort Braggs. But in the late 1960’s, the authorities put an end to the tradition of Fort Braggs of throwing their refuse here. Following the ban, the sea performed a sleigh of hand of being a winnower of glass and making it smoother. Currently the beach looks as if it has been shrouded with gems.

Harbour Island, Bahamas


Picture courtesy – fansshare.com


Picture courtesy – angieaway.com

The aptly named Pink Sand Beach of Harbour Island.

Picture courtesy – photomonde.fr


Pink Sands Resort; Harbour Island, Bahamas; Picture courtesy – phgcdn.com


House in a Dune, Harbour Island, Bahamas; Picture courtesy – hauteliving.com

You won’t believe your eyes at first, and feel as if you have been teleported to the wildest imagination of the bizarre artists. The beaches are pink, and the worlds like ethereal and otherworldly cannot describe the charisma of the ravishing pink sands romancing with the turquoise waters. The color is caused by the skeletons of the tiny organisms which live in the nearby profound corals, and after their death, their body parts flow to the sands with the waves. It truly is a conspiracy of nature to make it the most ravishing shoreline on the planet.

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