Cherishing the Two Unmatched Ecstasies of Cape Town


Table Mountain National park, Picture courtesy –

Row of wooden brightly colored huts on Sunrise Beach. Atlantic ocean. Cape Town. Muizenberg. South Africa

Colored Huts; Muizenberg; Picture courtesy –

Mountains hikes


Table Mountain National park, Picture courtesy –


Platteklip Gorge; Picture courtesy –


Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge; Picture courtesy –


Platteklip Gorge route; Picture courtesy –


Lion’s Head and Signal Hill; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


King’s Blockhouse; Picture courtesy –


Walking through Pipe track; Picture courtesy –

Table Mountain National park is arguably the most precious jewel in the treasury of the Mother City. Though, there are some places on this natural wonder, which charges some fees to grant access, for instance the Boulders and Cape of Good Hope natural reserve. But the most enthralling trails such as the one which scrambles up the Lion’s Head or the one which is paralleled to the Signal Hill.

All the routes to the table Mountain require decent skills and sheer determination. The 3km-long Platteklip Gorge route is considered to be the toughest of them all. It’s dauntingly steep and it should take you about 2 hours to climb up cautiously.

For majestic panoramas, there no need to conquer the summit of the Table Mountain. A short hike up to from the cable way station will take you to the Contor Path, where tantalizing vistas unfold along the trail which stretches from eerie devil’s peak and imposing King’s Blockhouse. The Pipe Track runs on the west side of the mountains and offer commanding views of the ocean.

Beautiful beaches


Camps Bay; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Clifton 3rd; Picture courtesy –


Sandy Bay; Picture courtesy –


Muizenberg; Picture courtesy –

Off the Grid assignment

Picture courtesy –

St. James beach with beach houses in Cape Town

St. james; Picture courtesy –


Noordhoek Beach; Picture courtesy –


Noordhoek Beach; Picture courtesy –

 Swooshing through the Pipe Track, you will enchant the mesmerizing views of some of the Cape Town’s most exotic beaches. Swayed by palm trees and restaurants at the back, the grassy banks of Camps Bay are ecstatic stretch of powdery sand. The waters are chilly and the surf is usually strong, which doesn’t make it the idol one to swim in.

The Clifton’s four beaches are watched over by huge granite boulders. Clifton 3rd is the most secluded and beautiful of the four, blemished by splendid hillside beach houses is the pilgrimage for the GSBT. Sandy Bay, the nudist paradise, can also be escaped to by continuing further south.

For a gentler ambiance, Muizenberg and St James are preferred. Families love to frolic in the sands of these beaches. The ethereal beauty of these two beaches has kept the postcard vendors in business and their vibrantly painted Victorian chalets will feel pretty familiar. A stroll on the pristine sands of Noordhoek Beach is also a good way to revel in the heavenly settings.


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