Embrace the Charm of Costa Rica’s Northern Pacific Coast


Playa Cuevas; Picture courtesy – llanes.com


Nosara; Picture courtesy – travelandescape.ca

 Bahia de los Piratas/Playa Real


Road to Playa Real, Picture courtesy – vivatropical.com


Bahia de los Piratas; Picture courtesy –panoramio.com


Picture courtesy –blogspot.com               

Bahia del los Piratas is unquestionably the best-kept secret of Costa Rica, however it’s not much late before it gets defaced by the flocks of tourist. Numerous gutsy travelers bump down the country’s back roads to lie on the pink sands, drenching up the sun. The popping out rocks is a treat, which was once the hide spot for pirates. Just couple of manors and resorts spots the mountains and dry backwoods around this tropical heaven. Likewise, the tender waves make the waters ideal for families to revel in.

Playas Samara/Carrillo


Playa Samara; Picture courtesy –cloudfront.net


Picture courtesy –villaoasiscostarica.com


Hotel Villas, Playa Samara; Picture courtesy –tripadvisor.com

 An impeccable spot where you can rests on the sands, entire day long. Samara showcases a bohemian soul and has truly an energized nightlife. The artists tout their works away at the windy shores of this 7km long bay influenced by slim palms on one side and checked by energetic coral offshore; an asylum for snorkelers. Five mile southwards is the yet another dazzler; beautiful fishing town of Playa Carillo.



Nosara; Picture courtesy –nosarasuites.com


Picture courtesy –nosaraweddingsevents.com


Nosara, Paddlesurf; Picture courtesy – squarespace.com


Nosara, Beach Yoga; Picture courtesy – panoramio.com

A bunch of four staggering shorelines – Pelada, Playas Guiones, Ostional and Nosara – on the Nicoya promontory is the spiritual home to adrenaline addicts, yoga aficionados or anybody, looking for a restoration of the soul. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have the best streets on the planet, however you will be delighted by the earth streets which interface the shoreline.

Playa San Juanillo


Playa San Juanillo; Picture courtesy –muscache.com


Picture courtesy –hellomagazine.com


 Fishing town, San Juanillo; Picture courtesy – pacificaazulcr.com


Picture courtesy – muscache.com

Towards the north of Nosara shorelines; San Juanillo is an untainted fishing town. Coconut palms and almond trees are dotted over its white sands, and the surfs are more settled, thanks to the faultless coral reefs. The shoreline is moved down by daunting bluffs which sort of split the shoreline into two sections; apparently the divider rock has turn into a quite charmed sunset point.

Secret Beach (aka Playa Cuevas)

5846_A2a Cuevas del Mar

Playa Cuevas; Picture courtesy – allimevoy.com


Picture courtesy –uvitadventuretours.com


Picture courtesy – panoramio.com

Only 45 minutes drive towards the south of Malpais, over the fishing town and a cemetery, just couples of fortunate voyagers are enlightened with the presence of this hidden inlet. Prominently called a ‘Mystery shoreline’, Playa Cuevas is marked by almond trees and is moved down by rough precipices. A flawless safe house for energetic couples, however the best part is the nightfall when the white sands procure different shades of ochre.

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