Revel in the Euphoric Beach Towns of Canary Islands


Canary Islands, Puerto de la Cruz; Picture courtesy-


Caleta de Famara; Picture courtesy-

Puerto de la Cruz


Puerto de la Cruz; Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


Pork Main Course, Puerto De La Cruz; Picture courtesy-

Puerto de la Cruz is the legend in the Tenerife’s tourism, with a history marked by luring in guests from across the globe, which can be traced to the late 19th century. At that time it was a spa destination and was very profound among royal Victorian women. Even today the beach town pulls in more classical vacationers as compared to party buffs. It has successfully held onto its distinguished appeal and is undeniably the most charismatic town in whole of Tenerife. There are cobbled streets, beaches with safe swimming, traditional eateries and a plush green centre, greenery enclosures and many more ecstasies to cherish.

La Caleta de Famara


Caleta de Famara; Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


El Quemao; Picture courtesy-

This spot has been bestowed with magnificent stretch of sand and finding a vacant corner on the beach is anything but difficult. This peaceful beach village, with its daunting cliff vistas, has vibrancy and rebellion vibe about it. It hardly pays any consolation to the non-maverick visitors apart from couple of patios overlooking the surf.

Famara’s ferocious waves have some of the Europe’s finest breaks, alongside El Quemao approximately 15km southwards. If you don’t fancy swooshing through the waves, then you can simply sit back and enjoy some of the most incredible surfing on the planet.

Playa Santiago


Playa Santiago; Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


Hotel Jardin Tacina; Picture courtesy- 


Picture courtesy-

Playa Santiago is a small seaside town with a laid back town centre and a elegant shoreline with calm waters. The place is remarkably quiet and the only noise which you hear over here is of winds brushing the banana leaves and the waves kissing the shores.

Recently tourism has brought new momentum to town. A superb opulent inn complex owned by Fred Olsen is offering much more than what it charges from the tourists.

Puerto Naos


Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-


Puerto Naos; Picture courtesy-


Picture courtesy-

Puerto Naos is a serendipitous town which rejuvenates its visitors by its magnificent dark sands. There’s probably nothing to do here except for lying back on the sands, resting under the palm trees, grasp the views of the glittering sea and meander in its beach front promenade. Nestled between rounded cove and backed up by daunting cliffs from the either side , the town is a good base for sun worshippers.

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