Maldives: The Ecstasies of a Perfect Honeymoon


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 Honeymoon is a sensuous event in which two souls unite. It is the voyage of affection, sympathy and closeness. Maldives gives you world’s best vacation resorts, which are secluded and have got immaculate natural settings. If you believe that Honeymoon is much more than just a ritual, tradition; it’s a sacred journey into your partner’s soul, Maldives may very well be the spot for you.

Holiday Island Resort & Spa


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At this mystical spot, time comes to a stop. The crystalline waters and sandy shores welcome its visitor for an enchantment. This spot will light up your fantasies with its sublime settings and luxurious pampering. It is likewise one of the world’s most first class jump areas. The view of the sun set from the terrace will enrapture the unified soul (You and Your Partner).

Adaaran Select Meedhupparu


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You will be hypnotized by the mystical charm of this place. Its modern amenities give a whole new definition to indulgence. Whether you just simply lie down on the sands or cherish its beautiful sights, this place will easily fetch you memories of a lifetime. Add a stroke of serendipity in your new journey.

Bandos Island Resort & Spa


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Secured by the purplish blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the island is in complete detachment with hurly-husky of disorderly life. It’s warm and minding staff has set the new benchmarks inhospitality. The spot is overflowed with a pool of present day extravagances; but its pearl white shorelines and turquoise tidal pond stay to be the undisputed.

Sun Island Resort & Spa


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A fascinating world in which adventures and comforts walk hand I hand. This spot is an incarnation of your ideal paradise. The emerald tidal ponds can be traveled with plane skiing, windsurfing or canoeing. From thrilling exercises to ethereal serenity, you can satisfy all your longings at this spot.

Adaaran Hudhuranfushi


Adaaran Hudhuranfushi; Picture courtesy –


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This spot offers unmatched extravagances with flair of tradition. Set in joyful isolation, this spot has exceptional qualities which pull in love birds/newlyweds from all over the globe. Its rich greenery and brilliant daylight will enchant you without a doubt. It’s stunning landscape and lavish settlement will make you have an inclination that you are resting in the lap of heaven.

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