Spellbinding Coasts of Mediterranean minus the Crowds


Delimara Peninsula, Malta; Picture courtesy –grownuptravelguidecom.c.presscdn.com


Cabo de Gata, Spain; Picture courtesy –mundo-guides.com

Cabo de Gata, Spain


Cabo de Gata, Spain; Picture courtesy –wikimedia.org


Picture courtesy –wikimedia.org

Las Negras. Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Almeria, Andalusia, Spain, Europe

Cabo de Gata Natural Park; Picture courtesy –photoshelter.com

 If you can find anyone old enough to recall the Costa del Sol before the bulldozers arrived they’d apparently say it looked a touch like Cabo de Gata. Some of the Spain’s most delightful and least pressed shorelines are hung between the spectacular feigns and capes east of Almería, where dull volcanic slants tumble into a sparkling turquoise sea. Despite of being quiet frequented, it has a wild, common feel and its scattered fishing towns stay tranquil

Cap de Favartix, Menorca


Cap de Favartix, Menorca; Picture courtesy –abcviajes.com


Picture courtesy –flexitreks.com


Picture courtesy –rutasmenorca.com


Cala Presili; Picture courtesy –thomson.co.uk


Platja d’en Tortuga; Picture courtesy –panoramio.com


Menorca’s north drift is intense and harsh, punctured by small beautiful bayous. It’s lesser developed than the south and, with your own specific transport and a touch of footwork, you’ll discover slices of the Balearics’ best off-the-beaten-track shorelines. The drive up to Cap de Favartix, the slender harsh cape at the northernmost corner of the Parc Natural S’Albufera des Grau is a treat. The last leg is on the lunar scene of dull slate. Towards the end of the highway, a beacon stands gloriously as the sea pounds strongly against the emotional cliffs. South of the cape amplify some fine remote sandy gulfs and shorelines, including Cala Presili and Platja d’en Tortuga, both all around came to by strolling.

Kamenjak, Croatia


Kamenjak, Croatia; Picture courtesy –premantura.net


Cape Kamenjak; Picture courtesy –ytimg.com


Kamenjak, Croatia; Picture courtesy –staticflickr.com


Picture courtesy –staticflickr.com

It’s the wild beauty and end of the world vibe of this little landmass immediately south of Pula that has earned it cult status among Croatian shoreline goers. An undeveloped store, Kamenjak showcases a floor covering of heath plants, shrubberies and wildflowers, befuddled by a maze of soil tracks passing through it all. It’s flanked by a string of pebbled bays and confined harsh shorelines, covered by crystalline blue-green Ocean. It gets crowded in summer however there’s a serene unblemished shoreline to escape to, it likewise has a fun bar for socializing with individuals

Cala Gonone, Sardinia


Cala Gonone; Picture courtesy – sardatur-holidays.co.uk


Palmasera, Cala Gonone; Picture courtesy –wordpress.com


Grotta del Bue Marino; Picture courtesy –escursionecalaluna.it


Picture courtesy – klimbingkorns.de

Maintained by imperious tree-specked feigns, the little resort town of Cala Gonone boasts an astonishing setting. In addition, with a considerable measure of motels, bars and eateries, it makes a flawless base from which to explore the channels along this magnificent reach out of Sardinia’s coast. Take a watercraft trip along Cala Gonone’s southern coast; a couple of shorelines are open from town by means of auto or by strolling, however the best are reached via waters.

From the port, ferrys make a trip south to the Grotta del Bue Marino, a terrifying complex of hollows where monk seals used to pup. Starting there is a series of bays and shorelines, from the sickle shaped Cala Luna and Cala Sisine, upheld by a green valley, through to the staggering cobalt-blue waters of Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritze, most adored by rock climbers who come to handle its unusual stone zeniths

Delimara Peninsula, Malta


Delimara Peninsula, Malta; Picture courtesy –placesunderthesun.com


Picture courtesy –placesunderthesun.com


Peters Pool; Picture courtesy –queidue.it

 Hire a taxi and escape to Malta’s far reaching touristy resorts by heading down the Delimara Peninsula. There are different incredible swimming spots along the coast; hard-to find, yet worth seeking out is a natural pool called Peter’s Pool. With just few local kids to go with you, it’s inconceivable to laze around on the smooth, sun-baked rocks and hop into the crystalline blue sea to chill.

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