Make your first hamam a memorable experience while on a move


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First, you need to be very sure about the scope and boundaries of treatment you want to undergo. Choose between the Do it yourself wash, or a wash under the expertise of an attendant. Other add ups are also included such as body scrubs and oil massage. Pay the required fee for the choices which you make and then they will take you to your own personal room with lockers, in which you can undress and store your valuables.


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 Don’t get too carried away with the word undress. Even if there are separate steam rooms in most of the hamams for men and women, you will be accompanied by many people of the same sex that is why it becomes necessary to maintain a bare minimum level of clothing, at least which should not account to being exotic.


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The attendant will give you an oversized red tea towel which you should keep while moving from lockers to hamam.


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Take the wooden shoes given by the attendant seriously, obviously they will feel a bit clumsy but if you put them off, you are likely to fall badly as only banana skins beat the slippery wet marble.


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Unwind yourself in hamam, sometimes you might feel that it’s a touch too hot out there and steams could be lowered. But it is very essential for spilling out the toxics in your body.


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Then your attendant will rub down the soap on your body and leave you to soak up the water from the marble basins. If you are going about it all alone, you can help yourself out with the soap rubbing.


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Then you will take a massage with kese. This experiencing could be on the pampering side, and it could be on the tougher side as well, depending upon how you choose it be.


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Again the soap, but this time around it’s all about the huge bubbles and plenty lather which the big sponge spills out. The attendants will brush the sponge all through your body so gently, that you won’t even come to know about it when it’s done.


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Then comes the oil massage for which you will be taken to separate rooms. We recommend you to skip this step because massages lack the delicacy and the sense of mollycoddling unlike the hamam experience.


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After you have completed the whole process, stay few more hours in the premises. Overheat yourself and then again cool off with a dousing. May be go for a nap, and repeat the whole process at least once until your muscles start to move flawlessly and your mind is relieved of all anxieties and tensions. This is where the essence of hamam lies.

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