The Europe’s Engrossing Coastlines


Santorini, Greece; Picture courtesy –


San Sebastian, Spain; Picture courtesy –

Santorini, Greece


Santorini, Greece; Picture courtesy –


 Caldera; Picture courtesy –


Sunset, Oia; Picture courtesy –


Hotel Matina, Kamari, Picture courtesy –

Even the most fatigued travelers get aroused by the Santorini’s peculiar scenes and dramatic sunsets. The startling sight of the submerged caldera, encompassed by sheer magma layered cliffs and upholding picturesque towns, should not be missed. The town of Oia on the northern tip of the island offers impressive, unhindered sun dunking into the waters view and the east side of the island has dull sand shorelines at entrancing resorts, for instance, Kamari and Perissa.

San Sebastian, Spain


San Sebastian, Spain; Picture courtesy –


 Town of Elantxobe; Picture courtesy –


Playa de la Concha; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –

The coast road from Bilbao to San Sebastian is a enrapturing journey past amazing seascapes, with numerous bays expanding east and emerald fields spread gorgeously and the daunting cliffs plunge in the sea. The minor town of Elantxobe, with its excellent houses affixing to a sheer cliff face, is evidently a champion amongst the most appealing spots along the entire drift. It’s hard to take a gander at San Sebastian and not go frenzy. For its setting, structure and vistas, Playa de la Concha can stand any city’s shoreline in Europe.

Corsica, France


Corsica, France; Picture courtesy –

09 May 2014, Bonifacio, Corsica, France, France --- France, Southern Corsica, Bonifacio, Bonifacio cliff, the sand grain --- Image by © Marc Dozier/Corbis

 Corsica, France; Picture courtesy –


Village Corsica, France; Picture courtesy – forwallpaper.compg

L'interminable plage de Balistra sur le Golfe de Santa-Manza The never-ending beach of Balistra of Santa-Manza Gulf. South Corsica

Golfe de Santa Manza; Picture courtesy –

Overlooked by peaks which reminds of shark’s teeth, mantled in timberland covers of green oak, chestnut and pine, and shot through with rushing conduits and tumbling falls, Corsica is a champion amongst the most sparkling, differentiated and beguiling islands in the Mediterranean. Fine strips of sand can be found at Sperone and around the Golfe de Sant’Amanza. Best of all is the U-molded gulf of Rondinara and tree-fringed Palombaggia, which has kept the postcard vendors of Corsica in business for decades now. You can’t miss out on the waters of Bonifacio. The greatest island of the archipaelago, Ile Lavezzi is known for its lagoons, and forlorn shorelines.

Kvarner Gulf, Croatia


Kvarner Gulf; Picture courtesy –


 Paradise Beach, Rab Island; Picture courtesy –


Cres, Kvarner; Picture courtesy –


Krk, Kvarner; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –

 Guarded by rising mountains, secured with rich boondocks, lined with shorelines and specked with islands, the Kvarner Gulf is home to four most wonderful Croatian beaches. At the southern end of Krk Island, Baska has the island’s most magnificent shoreline, a 2km-long sickle set underneath a beautiful, tough strecth of mountains. Cres Island is home to shorelines and crystalline straights at Lubenice, open by an unexpected route through the underbrush. Finally, Paradise Beach on Rab Island is a sandy stunner with sublime shallow waters and the shades of pine trees

Menorca, Spain


Menorca, Spain; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Playa Cape de Cavalleria; Picture courtesy –

Menorca is the least frequented and most calm of the Balearics. The untouched shorelines, inlets and chasms around its coastline give the audacious people a sense of satisfaction. The north drift is intense and harsh, spotted with little and wonderful gulfs. It’s less developed than the south and, with your own specific transport and a little bit of walking; you’ll snatch a few of the Balearics’ best off-the-beaten-track shorelines. Platja Cavalleria is a surprising sickle shoreline.

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