5 Mesmerizing Malaysian Islands


Langkawi; Picture courtesy –naturallylangkawi.my


Radang; Picture courtesy –wisanaredang.com

Malaysian Islands are best known for their water sports adventure, but the bounties of these Islands are countless. Here’s our pick of 5 Mesmerizing Malaysian islands, with their ecstasies.

  • Sipadan


Sipadan; Picture courtesy –topmalaysiatravel.com


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Picture courtesy –chrisandchrisbreakfree.com


Hammerhead shark; Picture courtesy –borneotourstravel.com


Picture courtesy –blogspot.com

Every Scuba devotee on this planet craves for Sipadan, it is famously called Mecca of Diving. Sipadan is as excellent underneath the water as it is from the above. The encompassing waters are loaded with ocean turtles and hammerhead sharks, however there is dependably a likelihood of an uninvited guest; Monitor Lizard. There is nothing to stress over, the diving is very safe as a whole under the watchful eyes of the skilled experts.

Sipadan has been recently deemed as a protected area, as a consequence of which the commercialization has vanished, which eventually has added to the serenity and serendipity of the zone.

  • Langkawi


Picture courtesy –ormatravel.com


Langkawi skybridge; Picture courtesy –ytimg.com


Langkawi waterfall; Picture courtesy –wordpress.com


Beach Resort; Picture courtesy –index.com.my

If we had to describe langkawi in a sentence; then it is the canvass of natural wonders with outlandish shorelines, untouched rainforests and charming waterfalls. This magnificent island has bounty to offer to everybody. It brags about most romantic resorts in Malaysia which makes it ideal for newlyweds.

  • Redang


Picture courtesy – superbwallpapers.com


Picture courtesy –guidegecko.com


Picture courtesy –thetaaras.com


Picture courtesy –blogspot.com

Redang is best known for exotic treks, likewise numerous divers and snorkelers come in large numbers yet its enigmatic charm never fades away. The long extends of pearl-white sand and crystalline waters will stun you completely. Not only your senses will be triggered but your spirit will be elevated at this wonderful place.

  • Perhentian


Perhentian; Picture courtesy –superbwallpapers.com

DCF 1.0

Picture courtesy –wordpress.com


Picture courtesy – divereport.com


Picture courtesy –bttuneholidays.com


Picture courtesy –an-unexpected-journey.de

It is perfect for an unruffled laid back experience. Solitude blended with natural beauty of the island   conspires to make an ultimate rejuvenating experience. There is a variety of different exercises also, for example, hiking the verdant mountains and discovering submarine life at one of the many diving centers adjacent to the island.

5) Tioman

Picture courtesy – tourist-destinations.com


Picture courtesy –tourism-spot.com


Picture courtesy –staticflickr.com


Picture courtesy –hackingfamily.com


Picture courtesy – insightguides.com

The island is overwhelmed with hibiscus blossoms which are secured with a lid. The green precipices look down to the coral-rich turquoise waters. The villagers on the island are warm and neighborly; the markets are packed to the brim with shabby yet fine tobacco and bear. The experience of the Island will stay with you much longer than what you would have perceived.

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