Sensuous Beaches of Florida minus the Crowds

6 Keewaydin Beach; Picture courtesy – While most of the Florida’s shorelines puts on the table everything from volleyball nets to motorboats, from unmatched glamour to a dive into opulence. – there are times when a trek to the shore should just restore the soul, washing away all the bothers of life like the waves which takes away the sand from the bottom of our feet. Finding a spiritual refuge is an achievement in itself, since there are generally few covered shorelines staying in South Florida, here are a few of our recommendations to quench your thirst for tranquility. Keewaydin beach 1 Picture courtesy – 7 Picture courtesy – 2 Picture courtesy – 3 Picture courtesy – DSC01934 Picture courtesy – 5 Picture courtesy – 8 Picture courtesy – 10 Tigertail Beach; Picture courtesy – 9 Picture courtesy – Accessed exclusively via waters, these 1,300 acres of unblemished island off southwest Florida’s Marco Island are also a protected territory, so don’t be surprised to see turtles, manatees or ospreys cavorting near to the peninsula. On the weekends, you will often see a few hundred watercrafts anchored on its shoreline and sunbathers unwinding in the warm waters. The cyclical changing of tides from low to high here power an amazing 10-min skim downstream, and the returning walk around the shoreline bears time for seeing wild life. In case you don’t have a boat, head to Marco’s Tigertail Beach, stop and travel north. Two miles ahead, you will find yourself on a splendid spit of sand joined by just glimmering vistas and gulf breezes. Anne’s Beach 11 Picture courtesy – 19 Picture courtesy –  12 Picture courtesy – Sunset at the beach on Anne's Beach in Islamorada, FL. Picture courtesy – 14 Picture courtesy – 15 Picture courtesy – 16 Beach Hut Apartments; Picture courtesy – 17 Anne’s Beach; Picture courtesy – 18 Picture courtesy – While the Florida Keys offer plenty of delicate waves and wild nights, they don’t have a lot of open sand shorelines. Don’t let this put you off: in the midst of the Key Largo and Key West, set discretely under an extension, is one of the uncommon open shoreline in the Keys, The Anne’s Beach. It has two parking zones, a shallow swimming zone, outside tables and basic latrine premises. Best of all: this pet-friendly shoreline gives drivers the chance to let their pups stretch free their legs along the excellent yet sometimes frustrating street from Miami to Key West.

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