3 Watery Dreams of Jamaica to Uplift your Spirits


Blue Lagoon; Picture courtesy – wheretostay.com

Blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon; Picture courtesy – wordpress.com


Picture courtesy – snuba.com


Picture courtesy – tumblr.com


Picture courtesy – scubadivejamaica.com


Picture courtesy – scubadivejamaica.com


Picture courtesy – ari3.nl

It derives its name from the well known motion picture, which featured the heartthrob Brooke Shields; this tidal pond covered in a bay couldn’t have got any further delightful setting than the timberland cladded bluffs, which surrounds it. This significant, luminescent lagoon will ignite all your senses. Its waters are flawless juxtapositions of warm waves and cool crisp water streams which flow underground from the mountain statures and pops out to join the turquoise lagoons. It’s a place of refuge for Scuba devotees and the divers are entranced by the rich corals and astonishing clarity.

Rio Grande


Rio Grande; Picture courtesy – gotsaga.com


Rio Grande; Picture courtesy – staticflickr.com


Picture courtesy – prweb.com


Picture courtesy – mygola.com


Rio Grande; Picture courtesy – happytimestoursjamaica.com

The rafts through the Rio Grande Valley are a legacy of an unbelievable on-screen character Errol Flynn, who lighted up the fantasies of individuals, rafting the cryptically moonlit waters with their friends and family. Nowadays the National tourism here, runs rafting excursion from Berridale to St. Margarets’ Bay, however there is nothing fascinating about these excursions unless and until they are undertaken under the full moon light. When gleaming under moonlight, the valley appears as if the slice of heaven has poured down from the skies.

Boston Bay


Boston Bay, Jamaica; Picture courtesy – yardedge.net


Boston Bay; Picture courtesy – ytimg.com


Picture courtesy – wordpress.com


Picture courtesy – wordpress.com


Jerk Chicken; Picture courtesy – wordpress.com

Normally the outside of Jamaica spoils your eyes, however Boston Bay is a one such place that is more aromatic rather than striking. It is believed to be the birthplace of Jerk, the flavor which is the most loved element of the extravagant smorgasbords in Jamaica. The Boston Bay is influenced with booths offering a jerk which is as an ingredient in preparing smoked meat. The scent of jerk has given new meaning to the joint accomplishments of hotness and sweetness in culinary expressions.

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