Jaunt in the Unblemished Nature of Borneo


Sunset Bornea; Picture courtesy – redbubble.net

Maliau Basin


Maliau Basin; Picture courtesy – blogspot.com

River flowing through lush rainforest, Maliau Basin, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia. May 2011.

Picture courtesy – photoshelter.com


Picture courtesy – blogspot.com


Picture courtesy – org.my


Sumatran Rhinoceros; Picture courtesy – blogspot.com


Picture courtesy – fndstudio.com


Picture courtesy – adventurealternative.com


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Picture courtesy – planetwildlife.com


Picture courtesy – blogspot.com

This is the only unsullied wild area in the entire Malaysia. It spreads over huge 390 sq km and was discovered by chance in 1947 by a British Pilot who lost his track. Encompassed by soaring rocks and covered up with rich green backwoods, it has been rightly nicknamed as ‘Lost World’.

The immaculate wild land is a home to 40% of the Island’s species, ranging from goliath Seraya tress to almost extinct dotted panthers and Sumatran Rhinoceros. The conservation initiatives in this emerald territory are on the rise and the connectivity has been intentionally kept poor by the legislature to avoid the environment from getting tarnished. It is 7 hours drive away from the closest city of Kota Kinabulu, almost half of your journey will require some serious off-roading skills, to swoosh through the timberland.

The Sangalaki Archipelago


Picture courtesy – indonesia.travel


Picture courtesy – adventurenusantara.com


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Picture courtesy – nusadinusa.co.uk


Palau derawan; Picture courtesy – pelangitourtravel.com


Picture courtesy – tinypic.com


Picture courtesy – indonesia.travel


Kakaban; Picture courtesy – panoramio.com

Borneo has various delightful islands, yet the greater part of them have been defaced by high-end resorts which are wrapped up in luxuries, no wonder, it detracts you from their indigenous appeal. For a feeling of peacefulness and to grasp the essence of the majestic nature, head to Sangalaki archipelago which has dodged the tourism and has retained it authentic feel.

The island of Pulau Derawan can be effortlessly reached by ferry from the city of Berau, where options of lodgings abound in natural cottages rather than of extravagant hotels. You will barely get any power in the day hours. The other untainted islands of Maratua and Kakaban are accessed by means of inter- island ferries, where you will cherish the natural ecstasies.

Aside from getting away from the other developed and bustling islands, one of the essential purpose for going to this place is the vibrant smorgasbord of the submarine natural life which encompasses seahorse, hammerhead sharks and rays. Sadly, excessive fishing has harmed the sublime corals which homes the habitation for some lively ocean animals, yet environmentalists are putting good efforts and thusly making up for the damage done.

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