3 idyllic Beaches of the World to Do Absolutely Nothing


Sunset, North Stradbroke Island; Picture courtesy – queensland.com


Playa Paraiso; Picture courtesy – picpicx.com

Isla Mujeres, Mexico


Isla Mujeres; Picture courtesy – travelezecouk.weebly.com


Playa Indios; Picture courtesy – travelezecouk.weebly.com


Playa Paraiso; Picture courtesy – thomson.co.uk


Picture courtesy – images.trv


Playa Norte; Picture courtesy – dailyventure.com

This unobtrusive island just seaward from Cancum is an exquisite 7km long cut of quietness has barely the width of 1km. More essential than measurements is the fact that it is absolutely unacquainted from the hustle bustle of the Mexico. Its tropical, untainted sands close by turquoise waters, has made it a heart-throb of locals. Ease off by lying on the sun lounger in Playa Norte where you will be served by warm staff without needing to move even an inch. In the event that you favor more isolation visit Playa Paraiso and Palys Indios.

Punalu’u, USA


Panalu’u Black Sand Beach; Picture courtesy – weebly.com


Picture courtesy – weebly.com


Picture courtesy – blogspot.com


Picture courtesy –campbell.edu


Picture courtesy – dailymail.co.uk

This bewildering shoreline in Hawaii’s is a champion amongst all other Pacific shorelines due to two fundamental reasons: The first being the extraordinary shade of sand i.e. grayish-dark and second for its luring natural setting. The shoreline has coconut palms at the backdrop which mean in the event that you see it from the skies, will witness a vivid canvass of Verdant green (palms), dull dark (sands) and cobalt blue (waters). Can there be a better spot to swing a hammock? Besides it, your chances of encountering a hawksbill turtle winding onto the sands for laying eggs are very high.

North Stradbroke Island, Australia


Brown Lake, North Stradbroke Island; Picture courtesy – sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net


Sand Dunes, Straddies; Picture courtesy – blogspot.com


Picture courtesy – whalewatchresort.com.au


Pelicans, Point Lookout; Picture courtesy –queensland.com


Picture courtesy – blogspot.com

Straddie as it is commonly known is the island with gigantic sand and you will be amaze to realize that its main shoreline has a 30km long strand of sand. Furthermore, the main shoreline is further backed up by massive sand rises making it a profound home for 4×4 junkies.

There are different secluded spots around Point Lookout, surf in the respectable swells of pacific or simply rests drenching up the sun or may be oar in the stone pools which are overflowing with submarine untamed life. There are likewise a few whale watching trips is available, however as a matter of fact chances of you detecting a whale are higher in the high season.

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