The Unfathomable Green Shelters of Singapore


The Southern Ridges; Picture courtesy –

Singapore brags about many chic apartments, glitzy mall and soaring skyscrapers. But there is more to Singapore besides the tremendous skyline. You will be amazed to know that the nation is endowed with many verdant green sheets and exotic offshore islands, and the best part is that you can seek refuge in these serendipitous lands without actually having to break a sweat. Don’t forget to bring your shades and sunscreen.

Pulau Ubin

Rainforest in Pulau Ubin (Granite Island), Singapore

Palau Ubin; Picture courtesy –


Wooden House, Palau Ubin; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Walk along Mangroves, Chek Jawa; Picture courtesy –


Chek Jawa; Picture courtesy –

There are several mesmerizing offshore islands in Singapore, which are tailored to the longings of solitude seekers. Pulau Ubin, off the eastern coast of Singapore, is a laid back settlement with mangrove forests, muddy tracks and rustic wooden houses. The island gives you the essence of Singapore which is soaked up in 1960’s style. Explore the island on a bike or just hike through the dirty trails. Chek Jawa, which is a protected mangrove, is arguably the principal attraction of the island.

Fort Canning Park


Fort Canning Park; Picture courtesy –


Colonial Building; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –


Gate; Picture courtesy –


Picture courtesy –

Nestled strategically in the middle of the downtown Singapore, Fort Canning Park perched on the top of the hill, was once a British Headquarter and is the among the pioneers of the Botanic Gardens in all of Asia. It eventful history is influenced by the glory of Malay sultans and of course, British military. The park is ideal for a serene experience. Meander in the peaceful gardens, besides the grandeur colonial buildings and the rushing Singapore River on another side.

The Southern Ridges


Kent Ridge Park; Picture courtesy –


Hendersen Waves; Picture courtesy –


WWII memorial centre; Picture courtesy –


Bukit Chandu; Picture courtesy –

The Southern Ridges Trail which extends across, imposing Mt Faber, striking Telok Blangah, enchanting Kent Ridge and delighting Hort parks- is one of the most indulging hiking trails you will ever come across. You will have to go through verdant green rain forests, do canopy walking, pass by Henderson waves and ascent to the Singapore’s’ highest bridge for pedestrian. Pass the Henderson waves it’s the captivating trail which snakes through forest. Alternatively, for a dive into dramatic history, go to the WWII memorial centre- Bukit Chandu which is tucked in the centre of Kent Bridge Park.

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