Beguiling Black Beaches of the World

Prince William Sound, Alaska


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The islands floating on the northern part of the Gulf of Alaska have such enigmatic sands that leave the visitors bewildered and confused. Glaciers plunging into the sea, the reflections of snow-cladded mountain tops in the gin-clear waters never fail to amuse you. And gorgeous black sand backed up by verdant green hills and blue ice, seems, as if, nature has adopted one of the wildest fantasies of a bizarre painter. The wildlife is also second to none; harbor seals, otters, whales, bears are only a few of the striking creatures which thrive here.

Papakolea, Hawaii


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The volcanic island of Hawaii has beaches which are rather unconventional and reminds you of a vibrantly colored canvass projecting a typical modern art. The sands here lit up the fantasies and you will be mesmerized by their soothing hues of ebony black, mars red and green. Papakolea is not exactly a sparkling emerald but it is specifically green because of the olivine crystals as an aftermath of volcano several thousand years ago. These crystals are heavier than rest of the particles on the sand, which otherwise get washed away by the water easily thus leaving a greener stretch of sand.

Perissa, Santorini, Greece


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The beach with such great cult following would always be a bit tough to find a vacant corner. Perissa is the most enchanting black sand beach in Santorini, guarded by a goliath rock Mesa Vouno, which gleams at night. The beach is long so you won’t have to touch the elbows with other vacationers, but if you are seeking more solitude then the ruins of once glorified ancient city of Thira are just a short hike away. Don’t forget to bring your slippers, because the black sand tends to be a touch warmer than you would expect.

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