Escape to these Coastal Jewels for a Day’s Jaunt from Havana

Havana can captivate anybody by its magical appeal. Havana ignites up the senses. Undoubtedly there is some euphoric enchantment here, what else could inspire the local people to douse up the potholes in their jalopies, stand together against worldwide negation and chuckle it out with companions in spite of extreme torments. Cuban capital is definitely a spellbinder yet you should break out of it to cherish the other ecstasies of Cuba.

Havana Riviera


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Only 30 minutes from the hush and rush of the Centro Habana neighborhood, is a Caribbean beach heaven, which is devotedly worshiped in travel books.

The ethereal 50km long drift influenced with coconut palms is called as Playas Del Este by local people. There are various extraordinary shorelines here, yet Santa Maria is a champion among those with diversely toned fine white sands. Head to the ecstatic beach town of Guanabo, to mix up with local people while the spread of sand over the Boca Ciega is the heaven for rebellions and revolutionary LGBT’s.



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Only an hour’s drive towards the east of Havana, Jibacoa has a progression of mesmerizing shorelines with daunting precipices and caverns at the background. Regardless of having such a large number of bounties added to its treasury this range has been generally unmarred by Tourism. Mix up bathing in the sun with adrenaline pumping exercises like snorkeling and trekking. Kindly don’t whisper much about the best kept mystery of Playa de los Artistas which is the place of refuge for snorkelers.



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A 20km-long, striking landmass has a different vibe from rest of the island. It is flawed with up-market exhaustive resorts, centers extravagant spa and recreational and a best in class Golf Course. Varadero likewise brags about probably the most perfect shorelines in the entire Caribbean. In the event that you are willing to venture out of the luxury stacked life and experience something which is more rustic and natural, take a stab at staying in a leased rooms of the nearby’s homes. Furthermore you can also appreciate the neighborhood delicacies in their purest form by eating in a private outdoors bistros or eatery. Getting no holds barred with local people adds a stroke of good fortune in your vacation.

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