Where to Savor the Best Thai Food?

Choices of lavish dishes multiply in Thailand, yet you have to look past ‘PadThai’ and ‘Green Curry’, and wake up the connoisseur inside you. Truth be told sumptuous cuisines are the center motivation for individuals to pick Thailand as a holiday destination. Despite the fact that Thailand is not the undisputed champion (suppositions change) but rather one thing is certain, there’s not a nation like it where individuals showcase such enthusiasm for Food. The individuals ‘live to eat’ and ‘not eat to live’. The unmatched passion for eating, and the impressive toppings and mysterious flavors make Thailand the most ecstatic feasting experience in the entire world.

nahm, Bangkok


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Picture courtesy: learnthaiwithmod.com

Australian connoisseur David Thompson is the man behind this iconic food show, which is supposedly the best in the country. At ‘nahm’ the ancient dishes are being reincarnated with the help of their trails from antique cookbooks. Smoked fish curry is the best among those which is not only delicious but is soaked up in an eventful history, Thanks to Mr. Thompson that we can savor it today. Dinners are usually in the form of smorgasbord where as Ka-nom jeen is the highlight of lunches.

 D’Sens, Bangkok


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Sitting gorgeously atop the Dusit Thani Hotel, D’sens not only offers the commanding views of the city, but also some of the best rustic and flavorsome food in the country. The menu is deeply influenced from the ethnic dishes of France, with special emphasis on premium quality imported ingredients.

Soi Polo Fried Chicken, Phuket Province


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You will be mesmerized by the essence of what people say is the best fried chicken in the mainland, it outshines KFC in every regard. It is crispy from outside with copious amount of garlic dabbed inside. They say that ‘When in Rome, do as Romans’, so eat it with sticky rice and apply loads of spicy sauces like locals.

 Palaad Tawanron, Chiang Mai


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Nestled into a rocky gorge near Doi Suthep, there is a spot within the premises of Palaad Tawanron from where the city seems like a galaxy of stars after the sunset. The natural ambience is soothing, but the Thai food is what steals the hearts here.

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